Teen Titans Go! To the Movies Review

I’ll lay all the cards out on the table, I don’t normally watch the Teen Titans Go! animated series and the few times I had, I found it a bit too spastic and annoying for my taste. The one episode that always stands out to me is one titled “Leg Day”. This was when the team deemed it necessary to increase their lower body strength and called themselves the “The League of Legs”. There was absolutely nothing funny, amusing, or intriguing about this episode to me.  In fact while watching it, I kept thinking what a waste of resources it was to spend materials and people’s time and energy to create such drivel.  But then again, I’m a 43 year old Hispanic man and it’s not like I’m the target demographic for this show.


The film started things off right with a great DC Superhero Girls short about Barbara Gordon wanting to sneak out of the house to help Bumble Bee, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Supergirl defeat Mr. Freeze. But Babs is having to wait until Jim Gordon (her father) falls asleep so he won’t discover her secret identity. So that right there put me in a good mood and ready to absorb whatever ultra-obnoxiousness is about to get thrown my way at any moment now, but the moment never arrived. The overbearing theatrics were toned down a tad.


The plot consisted of Robin really wanting a movie made of himself and the Titans, so he takes the team to Hollywood where they are willing to do anything to get their movie greenlit. At the advice of a studio exec (who actually ends up being Deathstroke in disguise) they even go back in time to key moments and hilariously stop each of the Justice League from becoming heroes.


There was a lot of deep cut humor which was something that caught me by surprise.   For example, after seeing the err of their ways, the Teen Titans go back in time AGAIN and set things straight.  So instead of guiding the Wayne family away from that dark alley on that fateful night, they steered them right back into it and at the last minute, Robin popped in and draped a pearl necklace around Marth Wayne’s neck! The Titans also poked fun at Stan Lee (who voices himself!), Deadpool, Guardians of the Galaxy and more!  For those of you that know a thing or two about DC Comics, there were some fun Challengers of the Unknown, Chimp Detective, and Mr. Miracle easer eggs in there too!

TT 1

When the dust settled and the lights came on, I was left thoroughly amused, completely entertained and I walked out of that Cineplex with a big goofy smile slapped across my face.  Am I going to start watching the Teen Titans Go! series now on Cartoon Network, uh no probably not. But I do have more respect for it and its writers now.  The story moved at a good pace and the dialog was sharp as tacks.  Some of the voices included Tara Strong as Raven (of course!), Will Arnett as Slade (Deathstroke), Nicholas Cage as Superman, Jimmy Kimmel as Batman, Wil Wheaton as The Flash, and Patton Oswalt as The Atom!  How could you crash and burn with a cast like that?!




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