X-O Manowar #17 – Review

XO2017_017_VARIANT-ICON_KITSONThis issue of Couch Crunchers Certified “Grade A Buffoonery” comic book series, X-O Manowar starts out with our hero, Aric of Dacia, fleeing from Venetians in 390 A.D. He is saved by an unlikely, yet prophetic friend, Sabbas. Sabbas tells Aric about his dreams that lead him to being in the right spot at the right time to save Aric, and that their meeting was not by chance.

As they journey to Rome, Aric is reminded of his previous times in Rome and how ironic it is that in 2000 years in the future, he would be a Julius Caesar sort, changing a culture of a people to fit him. As Aric is captured for getting into a fight with a local, he is sentenced to execution as a gladiator. In his jail cell, he meets his visionary friend Sabbas.

While sitting in prison, several days after their split, Sabbas proceeds to tell Aric that he foresaw them being together. He also informs Aric that he may have had a little bit more to do with Aric’s sentence of execution. Sabbas betrayed Aric to the guards as he was told to do in his dreams. This issue ends with our hero and his prophet partner being thrust into the colosseum, swords in hand, to do battle til the death. Will they survive?

X-O Manowar #17 receives four couch cushions and a throw pillow from me. It holds true to its core of being a fantastic comic book series, and definitely still worthy of being certified “Grade A Buffoonery”!

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