Britannia Lost Eagles of Rome #1 – Review

Valiant Entertainments newest storyline, Britannia Lost Eagles of Rome is set to release this Wednesday, July 25, 2018. And it looks great! It’s only going to be a 4 issue series. If the first issue is any indication of the remaining story, we’re in for a real treat.

The series opens with 3 Roman Legions attacking the Nords in the Tottenwald. The company is surprised and the 3 Roman Eagles, the very symbol of Caesar himself, are lost. As word spreads back to Rome of their loss, the people begin to revolt. They fear that the Emperor has lost his power. In order to restore the faith of his people, and prove himself a strong and powerful emperor.

He calls upon Antonius Axia, a battle proven warrior blessed with an incredible ability to see and understand the minds and motivations of humankind. He is the worlds very first detective. His ability to solve crimes is renowned and he’s quickly become a huge asset to Caesar’s command.

The story continues with his pursuit of the 3 Eagles. Through his gift he is able to deduce that there is more to the Roman Eagle loss than meets the eye. He quickly sets out for a different land, in hopes of solving this mystery.

I give issue #1 four couch cushions and a throw pillow.4-out-of-5-throw-pillow

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