DC Streaming Service Coming Fall 2018

What is the world coming to? Yet another streaming service is coming and now it’s from DC. I understand that business is business but it’s disappointing to the consumer. We used to be able to get all our content on Hulu and Netflix but now there are all manner of streaming services and DC is jumping on with a service releasing this fall.

The service does offer some unique things such as comics and a social community. Users will be able to read from a selection of DC comics directly from the app on their phone, TV, etc.

Some confirmed content is Batman The Animated Series, Batman Returns, Wonder Woman 77, original content Titans, Swamp Thing, Harley Quinn, Young Justice, Doom Patrol, animated films such as Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Batman Ninja and much much more.


While I don’t relish the idea of paying for another service, I have to admit there is a massive amount of content going up. It’s exciting and something DC fans are bound to enjoy. Here is a video from DC showcasing more of what they have to offer with this service.

Pricing isn’t terrible at $7.99 a month or $74.99 for a year. Fans can also get additional discounts if they preorder such as 3 extra months free if you preorder the year subscription. Even though the price is reasonable, is the service necessary? What do you think Crunchers?


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