Tomorrow Marvel and DC Will Fire Their Biggest Guns at Once and We All Win!

Is it me or have there been parallels between Marvel and DC comics lately?  First off we had the big weddings: Marvel had Colossus and Kitty Pryde set to take their vows and DC had Batman and Catwoman all set to tie the knot.  However, (spoilers) both weddings sadly didn’t end up happening. Then the Avengers and The Justice League are now both fighting super large celestial beings that are dropping out of the sky.  Coincidence? Me thinks not!  And to prove my point even further now we’ve got Spiderman and Superman, arguably the two biggest heroes these publishers have to offer, both starting over their books back at #1 editions on the same day!  I’m not sure why because they’ve both been pretty good lately.  But I anticipate things only getting better as new creative teams jump on and attempt to straddle the crazy trains at Marvel’s Amazing Spiderman and DC’s Superman!


The Amazing Spiderman #1 by Nick Spencer and Ryan OttleySpidey 1

If any of you read the “Go Down Swinging” storyline from earlier this year in Amazing Spider-Man #797 thru #801, then I don’t have to tell you how absolutely glorious it was.  But now Peter Parker’s life begins anew.  Supposedly Spidey is going back to a simpler way of life.  Peter Parker will have new roomies, new crushes, and new mad baddies to brood over.  I’m really excited about this new chapter in ol’ web head’s life!


Superman #1 by Brian Michael Bendis, Joe Brado and Ivan ReisSupes 1

I hope all of you got to enjoy the recent Brian Michael Bendis penned 6 issue Superman miniseries Man of Steel because it was really great.  I have to admit that I had my reservations about Bendis taking on the “big blue boy scout” but that series that just wrapped last week didn’t just put my worries to bed, but put them in a coma!  Superman has to deal with some events in Man of Steel because a lot went down, but like Spidey it’s an all new chapter for Kal starting right here and now!


supey vs spidey


I’ve said it before on our podcasts and this time I’ll lay in out in writing: comic books are by far my favorite form of storytelling. More than television shows, more than movies, even more than straight up novels. So it doesn’t sit well with me when I hear about Marvel vs DC fan rivalry.  It makes no sense at all, other than people dealing with misplaced aggression as usual.  Both Marvel and DC do what they each do magnificently and I thoroughly enjoy the books both publishers put out every Wednesday (new comic book day). So much so in fact that Wednesdays, not Fridays are my favorite day of the week. So tomorrow evening I’ll be sitting in my favorite easy chair, a cup of my favorite beverage at my side, with both Amazing Spider-Man #1 and Superman #1 and life will be good.

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