Luke Cage: The Superhero Show for Those who don’t like Superhero Shows

The market these days is filled with Superhero content. So much so that I can’t keep up with all of it and I write for a site that specializes in the content. Between the Arrowverse, Netflix MCU and a few others I am at the brim with superhero shows.

If you know someone who doesn’t like Superhero shows I think Luke Cage is the one for them. Sure, he’s a super powered hero but the show is much more of a crime thriller with some pretty good action than a superhero flick. The Netflix universe is fairly grounded compared to others but Luke Cage seems to be a step above in many ways.


Luke Cage is gritty, grounded, smart and fun as can be. The second season in particular deals with a massive turf war for Harlem between the Jamaicans and the current leaders of the Harlem underworld. Criminals are smart and often use the loopholes in the law to get off scott free.

Hero Luke Cage is an average day to day American whose goal is to keep his community safe. It’s extremely relatable and deals with themes in the world today. Black and blue lives matter are brought up as well bias that exists in the system here in the USA.


If you are into action movies and brawler action, Luke Cage has it. If you enjoy crime thrillers with turf wars, conspiracies, and intelligent story, Luke Cage is for you. If you hate costumed heroes and villains, Luke Cage is for you. The hero walks around in a hoodie and villains are generally gang lords who deal in weapons and drugs for crying out loud. It’s doesn’t deal in the same tropes as many other shows.


Luke Cage is a fantastic crime drama that happens to have a super powered hero at the head. It’s a great show to get into the genre or get away from the genre. I recommend it to fans of superheroes and fans of the crime thriller genre. Stop what you are doing right now and watch the powered man take on the Harlem underworld.

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