X-O Manowar #16 – Review

XO2017_016_PRE-ORDER_DAVISI’ve read a lot of comic books in my day. Some have been super good. Others…not so much. I, in no way, consider myself an aficionado or expert on comic books. However, I do recognize a good story when I read one. Valiant Entertainments X-O Manowar is such a story. And issue #16 is no exception to that.

The story starts out with Sabbas, a laborer from the copper mines of Zambia, who meets another storyteller, a poet, who he apparently is destined to meet. They end up helping one another, setting up a future story between the two and some insight into the future.

We then get to the meat of the story, with Shanhara providing Aric of Dacia with visions of his past. This sheds some very good light on our hero. One thing is for sure, X-O Manowar’s past is just as interesting as his future.

This storyline is one of my favorites by Valiant Entertainment. I enjoy it. I recommend it to everyone I speak with. This issue falls in line with the rest of the story. I highly recommend that, if you haven’t already started, you strongly consider picking this series up. You will not be disappointed!!!

I give this issue 4 couch cushions and a throw pillow4 out of 5 Throw Pillow

I also certify the X-O Manowar series by Valiant Entertainment as “Grade A Buffoonery”, Couch Crunchers highest mark


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