Quantum & Woody! #7 – Review

QW2017_007_VARIANT-ICON_KALVACHEVThere is a very familiar feel to this comic as it starts. A young alien family, on a planet that is about to blow up, send their baby child into the great unknown. Their hope: that he’ll be able to grow up and live a normal life. Sound familiar? Yeah, to me too. Then, one day, when the world is suddenly attacked by a different alien species, Quantum (now an adult) comes out of hiding to save the day.

The other character in Quantum & Woody, Woody, has another familiar feel. In this issue, he’s kind of a nutcase who flashbacks of previous problems and dilemmas. He can see the past and has regrets from it. He’s defiant and does the exact opposite of what his doctors have told him. He finally reaches “rock bottom” while standing atop a building. He reaches out for help only to discover that he is directly connected to the superhero on the news and in his dreams. What is the connection? …You’ll just have to read it to find out.

Quantum & Woody! #7 is a well done comic book. It takes bits and pieces of what’s worked in the past and connects them here. The story is interesting and it does a good job keeping you wanting to turn the page. The artwork is well drawn out and I am excited to see what happens to our not-so-super heroes.

I give Quantum & Woody! #7 three couch cushions. 3 out of 5 small


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