Ninja-k #8 Review

Originality is hard to come by. It seems like in this day-and-age all of the original ideas have been had and all that’s left is remixes. Or so it seems. The truly talented musicians, artists and storytellers can truly put together original, new and exciting material for us, the audience. Valiant Comics has done that with the Ninja-k series.

Ninjak 8Ninja-K is a tie-in with the rest of the Valiant Universe that the publisher has been creating. However, this stand-alone series has remained true to itself. Yes, there is a similar feel to other comic book heroes and stories. However, Ninja-k does such a good job of taking what worked for those other heroes and stories and creating a story of its own, unique.

The 8th issue of Ninja-k follows suit to the rest of the series. The story is captivating. There’s struggle and conflict for our group of mercenaries. They face some serious dangers as their beloved GIN-GR is out of commission, and they are confronted by some “seemingly immortal foes” while on their mission in Mexico. Christos Gage’s character Colin King (Ninjak) continues to prove why he’s the perfect mercenary. His team of misfit mercenaries show that powers can be used for a greater purpose, and do not have to corrupt.

I give this issue of Ninja-k the same as I’d give the rest of the series, 5 Couch Cushions. It’s a riveting, captivating story. The artwork of Juan Ryp is beautiful. I’m excited to see what lies in wait for our “heroes”.5 out of 5 small

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