Bloodshot Salvation #10 – Review

Spoiler Free Review

BSS_010_COVER-A_ROCAFORTA grieving father willing to do anything to keep his kid safe, Bloodshot makes a deal with devil, or at least an evil spirit named Baron Samedi. The deal…Bloodshot would kill one of Baron’s longtime enemies and in exchange his daughter, Jessie, would be returned safe to her own time. Only, upon her return, she seems to have aged quite a bit overnight.

Bloodshot is a perfect killing machine filled with nanites that have turned him into a supersoldier. He has enhanced strength, speed, mind control and healing abilities. He is the perfect weapon. While Bloodshot is off trying to fulfill his end of the promise to Baron Samedi, Doctors are baffled trying to figure out what happened to Jessie.

Bloodshot Salvation gets 3 couch cushions and a throw pillow. 3 out of 5 Throw Pillow

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