Opinion: What Geoff Johns’ Exit from DC Means

Geoff Johns has confirmed that he is stepping down as the head of DC films and working as a writer on other projects. In the meantime he is still writing and producing Green Lantern Corps but his future with DC is in the balance.

This is a massive change for the studio and the man didn’t even take the helm all that long ago to begin with. I try to be a positive person but this news has me worried. We all know the DCEU is in trouble but Johns is not responsible for that. Directors, stories and more were already underway when he took over. The fact is that we still haven’t seen his full influence yet. That said, Aquaman has been in production for some time now and is certainly something that falls under his perview.

My worry stems from the fact that Johns is an accomplished comic book writer. That doesn’t necessarily mean he would make good live action films but it certainly doesn’t hurt. The fact is, WB has a track record of getting in their own way and stifling creativity. Add to that the news that AT&T got approved to purchase time Warner today and the possibilities are endless.

Perhaps the acquisition is to blame, maybe John’s is more involved with the poorly received movies than I think, maybe he got tired of all the red tape. Whatever it is, I fear that the DCEU is in even further jepardy than it already was. If Aquaman and Shazam are both duds, I don’t see this universe going on much longer. Sure, Wonder Woman 2 may end up being great but is that really enough?

What are your thoughts Crunchers? Let us know below.

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