Why You Should Be Reading Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps

With the exception of a few books, before DC Comics started their Rebirth series in 2016 I was mostly a Marvel fella through and though.  Now I view DC Comics with as much fanboy admiration as I do Marvel, Valiant and Image titles.  One big reason for this is Robert Venditti’s Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps. To me, it’s everything a stellar superhero comic book should be.  Not only is the writing phenomenal but when artists like Ethan Van Scriver, Jordi Tarragona, Rafa Sandoval, Dexter Vines and V Ken Marion add their eye popping visuals to the mix, something truly magical happens.  So never mind that Ryan Reynolds cheese fest from a few years ago, this is the Green Lantern Corps you need!


GL 4It’s so grand in scale!  First and foremost the Green Lanterns are “space cops.”  This means they patrol the galaxy looking for injustices.  Criminals are apprehended and tried according to Green Lantern Law.   Often times it was easy to make books like this TOO grand in scale though.  Where you lose track of characters and places as well as being introduced to boring age old galactic beings and mythos.  Robert Venditti does a good job of keeping things intriguing by not letting things get too confusing and convoluted.


GL 3You get to know the Lanterns!  There are peripheral fan favorite Lanterns orbiting the main cast of course, but here we primarily deal with John Stewart (the fearless leader), Kyle Rainer (the sensitive, bleeding heart), Guy Gardner (the rough and tumble brawler) and of course Hal Jordan (the guy that’s pretty much all of these) as well as the perspective.  All of these characters has a clear and distinct personality and you learn to love them all.


GL 2Don’t forget the Rogue’s Gallery!  In this new Rebirth volume, the bad guys have had their decent share of the spotlight as well.  They’re not just deemed as the two dimensional conflicts, we get to know the villains and their motivation which makes for a far more intriguing and emotionally invested story.   So far the Lanterns have faced off against The Controllers, The Darkstars, Zod, Parallax, and more.


GL 1I’ve been reading most of the Rebirth titles since they started and as most ongoing comic book series tend to do, some of the story arcs start to sag a bit.  After all, they all can’t be golden right?  However I have yet to get bored or restless during Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps.  I think it’s fair to say that this title in the DC Comics universe has served as a well seated foundation and a solid backbone in the Green Lantern saga as a whole.

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