We Are The Flash

It’s the finale Crunchers! We made it to the end of the Thinker’s reign of power. Get out your buckets of shrimp, and get ready for the ride.

Despite the weird powers that are used to take on DeVoe, the way that they do it is pretty cool. It ends up having a severe Matrix Reloaded feel to it. You know, the rare good parts of The Matrix Reloaded. There is also some good Wrath of Khan referencing going on in this episode, and of course Iris in her infinite wisdom tries to explain that the quotes are from Star Wars.

There is some really great character building in this episode. Wells is a hundred times more likeable as a person now, which is great. I feel like the only real personal connections that Team Flash used to have with Wells is that they had been through a lot together, and that he looks like Reverse Flash. His personality was only tolerated because of his usefulness to the team. Now they, and the audience, can actually enjoy him being around. The question is, did the enlightenment have a desired effect on Wells?

Remember earlier when Barry comes out of the speed force and he is speaking nonsense for the for little bit? Well that gets referenced again in this episode, and I think that what he was saying will hold significance next season. I have my theories on how, but I’ll give you guys some more time to watch the finale before I talk about that. If you have any theories for next season Crunchers, leave them in the comments below.

The episode overall was pretty solid. I still feel like Devoe’s powers were a little inconsistent and he really should have been able to anticipate his defeat, but it wasn’t so much that it distracted too much from enjoying the conclusion. It was refreshing to see that there weren’t the scenes where one hero is feeling sorry for themselves and another one has to give them a pep talk to keep going.

The ending was a little bit weird. First off there is more baby stuff, is it weird to anyone else that Cecille doesn’t have anyone other than Team Flash to celebrate having a baby with? It’s like she didn’t have a single relationship with another human being before meeting them. Also, how many times can speedsters jack up the timeline? I mean honestly.

Overall though, great episode Crunchers. Go check it out!

4 out of 5 Couch Cushions and a Throw Pillow!!!

4 out of 5 Throw Pillow


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