Review: The Flash, Think Fast

What is going on Crunchers?! It’s an exciting week! It’s the end of the worst season of The Flash thus far, and it’s Solo: A Star Wars Story week! By the time you read this I’ll probably only be t-minus 6 hours or so until Star Wars time! A perk of living in New Zealand! Be jealous! Anyway, let’s talk about this last episode of The Flash!

Iris is so dumb guys and gals, and Barry is joining her. They think that citizens spotting The Thinker will make it so that he can’t hide from them anymore. I think that they are forgetting that he is a shape shifter now. She also still thinks that she is the leader of Team Flash, but she is pretty darned useless.

This episode is full of power inconsistencies. The Flash has more occurrences of this than possibly any other superhero show that I have seen before. It’s crazy how fast the flash is when he is not fighting a villain compared to when he is. In this episode we see clocks that measure time down to I think hundredths of a millisecond, but Barry is never fast enough to kick DeVoe’s butt before he finishes a monologue. There is also another meta that has usually done things a lot faster in the past, but is pretty slow this time around.

Harry is becoming a more likeable character, and is proving that even though his brain is all jacked, he is still smarter than dumb Iris. I really feel like they are doing a good job of dumbing him down slowly, while at the same time using some of his now more simplistic ways of thinking to be really insightful. I really hope that he can get his intelligence back, and not be the whiney, raging broodmonster that he was before.

Cecile’s character is getting out of control. The mind reading stuff goes to the next level in this episode, and it is just getting to be a little ridiculous. I still kind of like Cecile though, because I like the actress. I think she can still come across as likeable with some pretty out there writing that she has to muscle her way through.

Devoe has a pretty cool scene showing off all of his powers. It’s probably the best part of the episode and I actually wish that we could have seen some more of that this season. It reminded me of a less cool version of Darth Vader at the end of Rogue One, but I mean you don’t really get cooler than that. Unfortunately, with the next episode being the season finale, we probably won’t get too much more of that.

Speaking of the season finale, I am a little worried about it being a success. The main thing causing my worry is that it is called We Are The Flash. It was a literal hand to forehead in disbelief moment when I read that. This unfortunately means that Iris most likely isn’t going to die like we all hoped.

This episode was not great, but we did get to see some DeVoe’s totally backwards plan coming to fruition, which is just nice finally knowing what they are fighting to stop. I feel like a lot of the season has just been a lot of thinking “I’ve gotta stop this bad guy from doing……… something…….”. It is a vital episode for knowing what is happening in the overall plot, so go check it out Crunchers!

2 out of 5 couch cushions and a throw pillow


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