Review: Deadpool 2

Fox is back at it with another R rated Superhero flick and have proved, once again, that the formula works. Deadpool gives us the same flavor of the first but with even more laughs, more action and a better story. This isn’t to say that the sequel has an amazing story. If we are comparing it to the most recent Marvel blockbuster, the story pales in comparison but that’s no surprise. The writers behind the film took Deadpool it in a different direction this time around and offered up a lot that I wasn’t expecting. They realized that their risks paid off last time and decided to roll the dice again, something I’m sure they won’t regret.

The first Deadpool wracked up a massive box office haul which allowed for a much larger budget for the sequel. It was clear that there was more money to work with as the action was bigger, louder and higher budget. Even with the larger budget, there were MANY moments of horrendous CGI including Colossus. I was amazed that a studio with so much experience allowed such bad imagery into the final film. It detracted from my immersion and entertainment. The film as a whole was still fantastic but the awful effects were highly disappointing.


The jokes were on point in this follow up to the hilarious 2016 film. Deadpool is most certainly the merc with the mouth and the supporting cast brought great energy and fun. There were a few running gags throughout the film and some jokes from the previous films that were brought here. While it may not be necessary to see Deadpool before seeing Deadpool 2, the viewer would be missing out on quite a few laughs. With the humor came a few moments that suffered from the same issue that Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 struggled with. There were moments that could have given a small emotional impact where humor took me out of the moment. It only happened a couple times and it’s expected for Deadpool to provide that type of feel. One moment in particular was extremely emotional and followed immediately by humor which I wasn’t ready for. The series of jokes that followed this moment were all quite funny but the first couple fell flat due to the emotional moment that preceded them.

X-Force was quite funny and not at all what I expected in a surprising but great way. The X-Men and mansion played a decent role but I wanted to see more from Negasonic than what the film gave us. Her and Deadpool had an interesting relationship in the first film and I wanted it explored more. If you are at all worried about the team ups teased in the trailers, just know this is still a Deadpool film first and foremost. It tells the story of Wade Wilson and the other characters only provide fuel to his story. Cable was incredible here even if it was a bit strange to hear Thanos’ voice again so close the Infinity War. Josh Brolin portrayed the character with perfection and provided a formidable foe for the X- Force and Deadpool. Domino was another highlight with some good acting and great chemistry with all around her. I fully expect to see her in the next installment and am excited to see what else she can offer.


As shown in the trailers Cable is coming to kill Russel, a young mutant with the power to wield fire. The young actor does a good job with the role even if he does have a bit of a potty mouth for a 14 year old. He and Deadpool have great chemistry and spearhead what is a well rounded, yet simple, superhero story. Deadpool goes on a journey in this film that was lacking in the first. Where Deadpool was ultimately out to get revenge in the first film, he becomes the anti-hero he is meant to be here.

Deadpool offers a lot to the comic book movie genre such as the refreshing fourth wall breaks and unique humor. The character/film’s ability to make fun of everything makes for a great time at the theater. A slow second act, bad CGI and some poorly times jokes bring the film down a bit but not enough to be upsetting. What viewers get is an entertaining romp with a riot of a comic book character. From start to finish you will laugh and have an amazing time with all the characters. The mid credits scene is absolutely amazing and something everyone should stick around for. While there is no post credits scene, I recommend staying until the end for a little nugget that I’d rather not ruin. The creators of this film all deserve Chimichangas for their maximum effort.

4 out of 5 Couch Cushions!!!

4 out of 5 small

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