Harry and the Harrisons

What is up Crunchers?! Another week, another baddie to fight. This season is really off and on, but mostly off unfortunately. This past week was on the offside. Also, who else was crushed by Gypsy essentially leaving the show with the break up? Who knows, we might see a glimpse of her again, but it likely won’t be much if at all.

On the bright side, we have some additional Wellsy characters showin up. I enjoy all of those guys. Occasionally they are helpful, but sometimes they just don’t help at all, but in any case, they are entertaining.

Caitlyn is still having some major performance issues and it is another reason for a super genius to be doing really dumb things. Caitlyn’s character has been a really big disappointment to me this season. Ever since running away, because of her Frosty shame last season, I feel like she hasn’t had any decent connection with the other characters of the show. In fact, a lot of the Team is starting to feel more and more estranged. Cisco and Wells seem to have a close relationship, but they seem closer than even Barry and Iris sometimes.

A previous villain makes an appearance this last week. It’s a character that I originally really liked, but the writers seem to be slowly changing, in a less likable way. It seems like she might be heading toward antihero status, and I think she would be much better off staying a villain.

Wells is still dealing with his being a dumb-dumb and nobody knows what to do about it. Also, it seems like nobody really thinks it’s a super huge thing. They are all just like “you’ll still be a good dude”. His intelligence seems like a really big deal to me. This also brings out another point that has been odd this season. Caitlyn and Cisco used to be similar to Fitz-Simmons on Agents of Shield. They can work together and fix anything. They haven’t been collaborating nearly as much this season, and the small miracles of fixing Breacher’s powers, or fixing Wells’ brain, wouldn’t really have seemed anywhere near as impossible in previous season, as it does in this one.

Unfortunately, the episode wasn’t the greatest. Team Flash has kind of a really basic plan for beating DeVoe. I hope that it doesn’t succeed, because it would be somewhat anticlimactic. Let’s hope the next episode is a better one!

2 out of 5 Couch Cushions!!!

2 out of 5 small

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