Lucifer and Gotham are Ending, is Disney to Blame?

DC has a lot of shows on television and not all are housed at the CW. Two of the more prominent are that of Gotham and Lucifer. Where Gotham tells the story of how Batman and the characters surrounding him came to be, Lucifer tells another story. Lucifer first came to be in the comic The Sandman published by the DC owned Vertigo. Lucifer was popular enough in that series to get his own comic run. Both shows are widely popular and yet, Lucifer was cancelled and Gotham is reaching its end with only one more season on the way as officially confirmed today. With both shows beloved by fans, could it be that the Disney deal is to blame?


Let’s get real for a minute here. DC and Disney and major competitors. It doesn’t mean they aren’t friendly but they are competing in the same market. Therefore is it any wonder that DC would want to separate themselves from the Disney brand and not give control over one of their most popular characters to their largest competitor? To me it makes sense. Sure, they could move the property to another studio but would Disney agree to that considering Fox has the rights and therefore Disney will as well? It’s likely that the easiest thing to do was just end the show on a high note and avoid the situation altogether.

Lucifer on, the other hand, is a different animal altogether. I wouldn’t be surprised if the same logic applied however Vertigo isn’t in the same universe as the Justice League. Even still, it may be a conflict of interest to have such competing properties owned by the same company. For all we know, the cancellations and finales of both were part of the deal or something that was required to help the deal go through regulations by the FCC.

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In any event, I am excited to see Gotham returning for a final season and our resident TV guy Lance is petitioning to get Lucifer picked up on another network. It’s a popular show that brought in close to 4 million viewers on its season premiere last October and has maintained a decent following even until now. It’s interesting when you compare Lucifer’s following to that of Arrow which has averages about 1.26 million viewers an episode where Lucifer has averaged 3.2 million. It’s fair to note that the different Networks hold different standards but it begs the question when Gotham was renewed with an average of 2.5 million per episode and somehow the more successful Lucifer was cancelled. Fox recently said that Lucifer was cancelled due to ratings but I called hogwash on that. I’ll never truly understand the reasoning that goes into cancellations of beloved shows but, this time around at least, I have an inkling its due to the Disney/Fox merger.

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