The Biggest Strength of the CW’s Supergirl

The CW has had a rough year with every show in the Arrowverse, including Supergirl. Despite that, it is still the best of the universe right now. The villain is pretty meh and story all over the place however there is one area where it shines above the rest. The characters are all friends and we get to see that on the show.

Team Arrow is not doing too hot these days on the show but, even in previous seasons, we haven’t seen much of their friendship. The same goes with Team Flash. Cisco and Barry are supposed to be close and Barry and Iris are husband and wife yet they never spend any time together except in counseling. The Flash made mention of this at one point stating that they are too busy with Devoe to spend time together. I don’t buy it. Barry and Iris are both unemployed, there is time for some extra curricular activities. There used to be more time spent at Joe’s house and some bonding but it’s been mostly absent this season. Regarding Legends of Tomorrow, I admit, I watched the first two episodes and stopped because it was so painful. Because of that I can’t comment on how it treats relationships this season.

Where the other shows show absolutely no comradery, Supergirl does. More than once this season we have seen the team members as close friends. The show doesn’t spend loads of time on it, which would detract from the fact that they are taking down baddies, but it gives us enough. A Karaoke night, game night at Kara’s, and a dinner at John’s new apartment are a few examples that demonstrate the friendship that exists between the characters in this season alone. It makes moments where characters are in peril actually mean something. As an audience member, I care about the relationships between the characters. The only bit of relationship building that has meant anything outside of Supergirl has been between William and Oliver on Arrow. The father and son hold an interesting relationship and even there the show has gone back and forth on whether they want to develop it well or not.


Don’t get me wrong, I am aware there are other moments in these shows but this season it has been minimal. There was the wedding that took place during the cross over but even that had to be interrupted by fighting. I personally want to see more of these nice moments where heroes get to be normal people without interruption. It makes it more relateable and thereby more engaging. Supergirl is plagued with many other issues such as its poor attempts at sending social messages, extremely poor acting on the villains this season, bad writing, CGI and more but the show gets this part of it right.

I care about the characters and believe they care for one another. The other shows could learn from Supergirl in this way and I hope they do. I want to see more of Cisco and Barry hanging out at a bar or having dinner at Joe’s. Iris and Barry being a healthy married couple, Curtis on a date that doesn’t end in shooting, etc. That type of interaction used to be there but its been lacking recently. I sincerely hope the CW gets back to moments like the below images. I think it would bring life back to their universe and make us care again.



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