The Last Jedi, What it Got Wrong

I still stand by my opinion that The Last Jedi is a good Star Wars movie. In fact it’s one of the better ones. That said, it isn’t without it’s flaws. Overall there is a lot of good and I am excited to see what Rian Johnson does with his trilogy. I feel that a lot of the issues with this film are that Johnson only got to tell a single part. Disney should have kept the same writers for the entire trilogy. And with that, let’s get into it.

1. Boring chase through space


Most of the film revolves around a boring anti climactic chase scene. The resistance base is wiped out near the beginning of the film which results in evacuation. When the resistance jumps to light speed, The First Order uses their new tracking tech to follow them. Low on fuel, they limp through space with no known plan for the future which brings me to point 2.

2. Holdo is a terrible leader


I get it, Poe is a hot head and probably annoying as can be to leadership. That isn’t an excuse for not giving your people any information during a crisis though. It’s no wonder Poe and Co mutinied. They were fighting for their lives and had a leader they weren’t familiar with who refused to share any information. In a frenzy they decided to take action. Poe was nothing short of heroic but they story tried to paint him as a bad guy. Holdo turns out to have had a decent plan and gives her life to safe her comrades but this isn’t enough to redeem her poor leadership. Had she communicated, Finn and Rose wouldn’t have gone on their merry quest which led to The First Order finding out about the evacuation. It would have been a much better outcome. Speaking of Finn and Rose…

3. Casino Quest


What an utterly ridiculous side story. I have no doubt that this story will go down in Star Wars infamy like Jar Jar Binks. It’s ridiculous in every way, not entertaining in the least (I skipped ition my recent viewing) and a waste of time. The not so subtle messaging about animal cruelty fell flat in this atrocity which is too bad as it’s a good message to send. Star Wars often has its heroes go on missions that fail but it’s all too much failure here. Was Johnson trying to make us hate Finn even more than we already did? His character does little right and Rose is just as bad.

4. Bad First Order Villains


Phasma was a hyped character in The Force Awakens marketing and we got almost nothing of her so it was understandable that fans expected more from the character here. Well she shows up for a few minutes and manages to be defeated by a janitor. Let’s disregard that she’s the commander of the storm troopers and thereby one of their best soldiers, a janitor can handle it.

General Hux is also awful. Domnhall Gleeson was fantastic in Ex Machina and is a great actor but Hux is so bad. I don’t know if it’s direction or his acting choices but General Hux is absolutely laughable. He is the equivalent of Admiral Tarkin but he has no cunning, no backbone and doesn’t demand respect or demonstrate any strength. He’s a boring bully that doesn’t deserve to lead. It’s a teerterr let down when compared to A New Hope’s Tarkin.

5. Rose saving Finn


What in the actual what? Finn was saving the day and redeeming himself. I was so excited when I thought his end was nigh and then Rose came in and ruined it with this exhausting idea in many films that we can’t allow others to sacrifice themselves. Infinity War had a similar plot point and I hate it. I mean really? We would rather save one life that ends up killing many instead of sacricificing one that saves millions? The logic is so flawed and one of the biggest missteps in this otherwise fun Star Wars flick. Oh and were we supposed to get some degree of chemistry between Finn and Rose because that kiss came out of no where and didn’t fit at all. Maybe we will find out they are siblings next movie and forget about it…

What do you think Crunchers? Did I miss anything, am I totally wrong about this? Tell me why in the comments.

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