The Creep’s Comic Book Compendium for the week of 5/2/18

Hello all, J The Comic Creep here and it looks as if that glorious day is upon us once again, New Comic Book Day! My favorite day of the week! The Creep’s Comic Book Compendium is a list and brief commentary of new comic books that I will be picking up this week and I’m hoping you will to.  As always, there’s lots of new stuff to get excited about! Bats and Deathstroke apparently now come to full blows, The Avengers have a brilliant new roster that now include some REAL heavyweights, and a brand new series called Death or Glory by one of my favorite writers, Rick Remender! Now, let’s go grab a grip of comics!



Dr Star 3

Doctor Star & the World of Lost Tomorrows #3 – (Writer) Jeff Lemire (Art) Max Fiumara

After the horrible truth we learned about Jimmy Robinson (AKA Doctor Star) and his son in issue #1 and in the last issue we learned how Jimmy’s life turned upside down for the worse from a visit to a distant planet.  Now that he’s back to earth, Doctor Star takes his life back and decides to fight back!  Does he succeed or does he get beaten back into submission?



Action 1

Action Comics Special #1 – (Writer) Dan Jurgens, Max Landis, Mark Russell (Art) Francis Manapul, Jill Thompson, Will Conrad

More fun with the “Big Blue Boy Scout” From what I can tell this is a few more random stories that for whatever reason didn’t get published before.  But if it’s anything like last week’s Action Comics #1000, were in for a treat two weeks in a row!


Bats 46

Batman # 46 – (Writer) Tom King (Art) Sandu Florea, Tony S. Daniel

After Bruce busts poor Skeets right square in the face and ruins Booster Gold’s wedding present, how on earth will things ever get straightened out? Will Booster Gold try to get Dick Grayson, this time line’s Batman and Selina Kyle to help him out?  What a pathetic development has ensued.  Find out how Booster Gold in “The Gift” Part 2 continues to somehow make everyone’s life even more miserable.


Deathstroke 31

Deathstroke #31 – (Writer) Christopher Priest (Art) Carlo Pagulayan, Robson Rocha, Daniel Henriques

Slade and Bats go mano a mano after a DNA test that Bruce received anonymously showed Slade Wilson as the father of Damian Wayne!  Batman confronts Deathstroke but gets the brush off.  Well we all know this simply will not stand with the “World’s Greatest Detective” now will it?  Batman will NOW make certain that Deathstroke takes this situation seriously!


Green Arrow 40

Green Arrow #40 – (Writer) Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing (Art) Marcio Takara, Tyler Kirkham

Ollie once again tries to do good in the world but trips over his designer loafers once again!  Green Arrow get’s himself involved in a situation in Rhapastan, a small Middle Eastern country where he gets caught between two warring tribes! The place is in shambles, people are starving, dying and all due to Deathstroke apparently.  But does Green Arrow have what it takes to set the whole place back on course?



GI Joe 251

 G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #251- (Writer) Larry Hama (Art) Netho Diaz, John Royle

Honestly, I’m not really sure what’s going on in this issue!  I love G.I. Joe and these books have been the best they have ever been the last several issues. A new story arc called “Secret Missions” begins here but it sounds like the creative teams are diving into what makes G.I. Joe and Cobra really tick.  Sounds interesting, I’m in!



Death or Glory 1

Death or Glory #1 – (Writer) Rick Remender (Art) Bengal

SERIES PREMIER!  Fast cars, mobsters, and a cross country heist!  Sounds like a good time to me!  But my only question is, where’s Burt Reynolds and Dom DeLuise!?! Rick Remender does some really awesome work on books like Black Science, Deadly Class and Seven to Eternity.  These are three of most thrilling and most original comics I’ve read in recent memory.  So yes, I think it’s safe to say I’ll be picking this one up!


Spawn 285

Spawn #285 – (Writer) Todd McFarlane (Art) Jason Shawn Alexander, Francesco Mattina

Boy oh boy old “hamburger head” is really caught up in a pickle this time!  Last issue Spawn was captured by the authorities and was acting all psycho on them while in custody.  But after finally being restrained, it’s time for the inquisitive humans to see what’s under that mask!  Even if they have to kill him to find out!



Astonishing 11

Astonishing X-Men #11 – (Writer) Charles Soule (Art) Ron Garney, Greg Land

It’s creepy Charles Xavier Vs Proteus!  After Chuckie emerged from being imprisoned by the Shadow King and kind-a-sort-a stealing Fantomas body he’s fighting alongside his X-Men once again.  But they really don’t trust him yet and with good reason.  Does Processor X really have their best interest in mind or does he have his own shifty agenda?


Avengers 1

Avengers #1 – (Writer) Jason Aaron (Art) Ed McGuinness

This is just the beginning of Marvel’s “Fresh Start” reboot, retooling, whatever you want to call it but I think after “Heroes Reborn”, “All New All Different”, “Marvel Now”, and “Marvel Legacy” they’re finally on the road to getting things on the correct path!  The new Avengers roster looks great!  I’m looking forward to this one quite a bit!


Cap 701

Captain America #701 – (Writer) Mark Waid (Art) Leonardo Romero, J. G. Jones, Adam Hughes, Michael Cho

Coming off the mind blowing story arc from last issue where Steve Rogers was in a post-apocalyptic future fighting along a scrappy band of rebels and the only two other superheroes that survived a nuclear attack: Hulk and Thing. Cap now finds himself back in our timeline and on to his next adventure. “Promised Land” Part 1 starts here!


Hung for Wolvie Lost 1

Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost #1 – (Writer) Charles Soule (Art) Matteo Buffagni, Greg Land

What kind of world do we live in where even the spin off mini-series have spin off mini-series!  But hey, it’s Charles Soule in the captain’s chair so I know I’m in good hands.


Star Wars 47

Star Wars #47 – (Writer) Kieron Gillen (Art) Salvador Larroca, David Marquez

Star Wars comics have been so good since they got the reboot a few years ago and this run is no different.  Darth Vs the angry fish heads of Mon Cala continues!  The Empire is certain Mon Cala is hiding a Jedi Knight there and they will stop at nothing to flush that old geezer out!


X Men Gold 27

X-Men Gold #27 – (Writer) Marc Guggenheim (Art) Geraldo Borges, David Marquez, Phil Noto

The countdown to the Kitty Pride and Colossus wedding continues!  But will everything go smoothly from now until then?  My guess is no because that just isn’t the X-Men way!  Once again mutant haters and Sentinels have found each other.  But these aren’t your old school Sentinels!  The one called 0101 is a high tech terror!  And it looks like poor Colossus has more to deal with other than just cold feet!

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