Review: Fury Rogue

The-Flash-419-trailer-screenshot-600x381Crucnchers! Was The Flash any good last week? As always, that’s what we will be discussing. Also, as always, we will be asking why Gypsy isn’t around, and why Iris is still in the show! Let’s speed our way into it!

Our main grumpy genius, Harrison Wells, is some trouble in this episode. He almost blew up his brain last week and the repercussions are not Bueno. This brings in some of the show’s signature drama and pep talks, which really aren’t the best part of the show.

A couple of our heroes are having some psychological issues as well. Barry has some major problems that are quite obvious early on in the episode. Also, pretty early on, you can see that Barry has a really terrible psychologist.  The issue culminates and leads to some really bad acting, and another seen with some pretty decent acting. The episode is kind of all over the place in that regard. Caitlin is dealing with her loss of Killer frost the best that she can. It’s quite strange the turn that Killer Frost has taken in the show. I feel like it was a bit sudden and a rather large change in her. However, Caitlin definitely has some loves for her.

The Thinker further shows how much of a douchey husband he is in this episode. His wife really needs to ditch him and join Team Flash already. Don’t ever let a man treat you like that ladies.

We’ve got some other things going on in the show like, other earth heroes with terrible voices and metas with super weird powers. Our Thinker guy is having his own performance issues this episode. His absorbing of powers and switching bodies is taking its toll. I feel like with how smart he is supposed to be, he should have seen this coming, but I guess being all logical and stuff is really silly of me.

It wasn’t a terrible episode, but it wasn’t the best either. It felt like it was just a filler episode, which seems strange to me that there is even a need for filler episodes. They aren’t my favorite, but there still are a couple of details that you may not want to miss out on for upcoming episodes. Check it out Crunchers.

2  out of 5 Couch Cushions and a Throw Pillow!!! (2.5)

2 out of 5 Throw Pillow

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