Review: Avengers Infinity War

Time for Infinity War Crunchers! The culmination of ten years in the making, part one. After a decade of the current MCU, I could not believe that there were still people who left when the credits starting rolling. We are all smarter than that right Crunchers? Stick around. It’s a good one. The movie itself was not disappointing! Why do you ask? Let’s jump into it.

One of the big obstacles of making a movie like this, is managing the massive amount of heroes that are all trying to squeeze themselves into the same screen. Every fan has their favorite hero and will feel let down if they don’t see enough of that hero kicking booty. It seems that our Magical Marvel Movie Makers were on top of this issue because they really did an excellent job. The way that the characters were introduced to the film, how they came together and fought together, was well thought out and well executed. It wasn’t perfect, but it was fantastic.

The classic signature of a Marvel movie has been to find a good balance between, comedy, story, and action. They are intended to be quality films, while at the same time, they don’t take themselves too seriously. Usually the MCU has excelled at this, while other times they have fallen a little flat. Sometimes they have felt more humorous than serious, while the opposite is true at other times. Infinity War does a great job of finding a good balance. There are a ton of laughs in this film, but it also has a serious even somewhat somber undertone at times as well.

While this is a spoiler free review, I think that most of us have seen the announcements that some devastating things were going to happen in this movie and they do. Another very safe assumption, is that a lot of suspense (aka trouble) is going to be made for our heroes, because even if there are losses we all know they will win in the end.

However, this movie does a fantastic job breaking the mold in the MCU bringing out more emotions than any other Marvel movie before it. Every actor was seemed to be at their peak performance and the desperation and loss in the film seemed to be acknowledged by everyone in the theater. The ending was quite different than most as far as the audience was concerned. Normally on an opening night at a Marvel movie, I will hear cheers and claps. Someone’s emotions will be breaking free after surging with excitement. Often those cheers and claps that I hear will be my own. Nevertheless, there was dead silence at the end of the movie, aside from the person sitting behind me saying “what?!”, and needed his buddy next to him to reassure him. That somber, desperate feeling carries you at the end, but probably in the way that the Magical Marvel Move Makers wanted it to.

Like I said earlier however, this was not a perfect film. While I feel that the movie in its entirety was fantastic, there were certain things that did bother me. For example, Star Lord was his normal butt kicking, comedic self, but did exude way too much insecurity. It was part of what made him funny, but was also a little overkill. However, if you have seen my reviews in the past, you will know that I do not believe in perfection, but I will give a fantastic movie a perfect score!

5 out of 5 Couch Cushions!!!

5 out of 5 small


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