The Creep Compendium for the week of 4/25/18

Hello all!  That glorious day is upon us once again, New Comic Book Day!  The Creep Compendium is a list and brief commentary of brand spanking new comics that I will be picking up this week.  Lots of new stuff to get excited about! Apparently Wolverine is back!  Wonder Woman’s  Themyscira is in deep doo doo!  And the Avengers are about to make some big changes!  Now, let’s go get some comics!



Detective 979

Detective Comics #979 – (Writer) James Tynion IV (Art) Philippe Briones, Alvaro Martinez, Raul Fernandez

Something kooky is going on with The Colony!  Is Ulysses trying to incite a war between Kate Kane (Batwoman) and Bruce Wayne? Will the Bat Family go war with The Colony?  I don’t know if this is more of Jacob Kane’s shenanigans or is there really a third party trying to start something but it looks like The Bat Cave has been compromised and Tim Drake is caught in the line of fire!   Holy face melt Batman!


Flash 45

Flash #45 – (Writer) Joshua Williamson (Art) Christian Duce, Barry Kitson

In the last issue the Flash Family dissipates the Negative Speedforce Storm that was tearing apart Central City and all seemed well with the world.  But Hunter Zolomon seems to have something cooking up!  And just when we thought we had seen the last of Grood for a while, that big ape pops his fat head out once again!


 Hal 43

Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps – (Writer) Robert Venditti (Art) Sciver, Ethan Van, Terry Kirkham

The controllers revamp the meaner and leaner Darkstars but they end up having an agenda of their own!  As they go out seeking hosts they find a perfect match in fallen from grace Lantern Tomar-Tu!  He then uses it to bust out of the maximum security Sciencell the Green Lantern’s have him caged up in!  What happens next is anyone’s guess!


 Titans Annual 2

Titans Annual #2 – (Writer) Dan Abnett (Art) Tom Grummett, Paul Pelletier, Andrew Hennessy

This is the conclusion of the “Titans Apart” story arc!  Donna Troy and Arsenal stumble on to Monsieur Mallah and The Brain’s plot to take over the world!  But are they in over their heads?  Judging from last issue that’s a big fat YES!  Will the rest if the Titans reform to help out their former team mates?  Let’s hope so!


WW 45

Wonder Woman #45 – (Writer) James Robinson (Art) Emanuela Lupacchino, David Yardin

Despite Wonder Woman’s, Steve Trevor’s and Wonder Woman’s dopey brother’s best efforts, Darkseid and Grail open up a portal to Themyscira where Grail starts laying waste to any Amazonian that stands in her way!  Who will stop her from slaughtering everyone on Wonder Woman’s home!?  At this point, it looks like it’s open season on Amazons!



Avengers 690

Avengers #690 – (Writer) Mark Waid, Al Ewing, Jim Zub (Art) Paco Medina, In-Hyuk Lee

The Avengers combine all rosters to finally defeat The Challenger!  An ancient being with virtually limitless energy!  In the story last issue the battle was so fast and furious, now in this issue the arc concludes, the dust settles and some people are going to have a lot of explaining to do!


DV 15

Darth Vader #15 – (Writer) Charles Soule (Art) Giuseppe Camuncoli, Elia Bonetti

Tarkin, Vader and his Inquisitor goons attack!  But the fiery fish heads of Mon Cala aren’t totally defenseless!  They blow up the building Vader and his henchmen are in, completely flooding it!  Is this the end of Vader?  My guess is no but how much is he going to make the people of Mon Cala pay for their insolence?  Will the Jedi the fish heads are hiding remain hidden?  Hopefully we find out in this issue!


Strange 389

Doctor Strange #389 – (Writer) Donny Cates (Art) Niko Henrichon, Michael Del Mundo

The “Damnation” story line rages on! Inside Mephisto’s Las Vegas party palace, the good Doctor, Bats, Wong, the Midnight Sons and the Avengers fight for the souls of Sin City.  Just when things appear to be on the upswing last issue, Dormammu comes strolling out!



Doctor Strange: Damnation #4 of 4 – (Writer) Donny Cates, Nick Spencer (Art) Rod Reis, Ron Lim

This keeps the “Damnation” arc thundering on.  When Dr Strange resurrects Las Vegas after the events in Secret Empire, his magic has a backlash as it often does.  This time, Mephisto erects a stronghold where he begins harvesting the souls of Las Vegas.  In an attempt to stop him, the Avengers and Strange invade but end up getting imprisoned there.  Now it’s up to Wong, Bats (Dr Strange’s puppy pal) and the Midnight Sons to save the heroes!


Hunt for Wolvie 1

Hunt for Wolverine #1 – (Writer) Charles Soule (Art) David Marquez, Paulo Siqueira, Steve McNiven

Can THE OG Wolvie actually be back?  Did he manage to slice and dice his way out of that molten Adamantium blob that got poured on top of him and “killed” him back in the Death of Wolverine storyline back in 2014?  We shall see!


IM 599

Invincible Iron Man #599 – (Writer) Brian Michael Bendis (Art) Stefano Caselli, Alex Maleev, Chris Sprouse

Will Riri, Mary Jane and Tony’s Mum finally get to the bottom of the whole disappearing Tony Stark mystery?  Let’s hope so people, this arc is kind of getting ridiculous!  Tony is in a coma, but wait no he isn’t!  He’s awake but nobody can find him for some reason!  Why is he hiding?  I don’t know but his reason better be a good one!


Thor 706

Mighty Thor #706 – (Writer) Jason Aaron (Art) Russell Dauterman, Walter Simonson

After Jane Foster tossed might Mjolnir into the sun with Mangog tied to it, two things happened.  She saved the day by getting rid of Mangog but she also got rid of Mjolnir which kept her Cancer in remission by allowing her to turn into Thor.  Last issue showed Jane Foster passing away.  Now comes the aftermath.


MK 194

Moon Knight #194 – (Writer) Max Bemis (Art) Ty Templeton, Becky Cloonan

After a brutal knock up, drag out brawl with The Sun King on his tropical island retreat, Marc Spector emerges victorious by actually being more psychotic than him!  Not only defeating Sun King but turning his followers against him as well.  Now that it’s all over and his arch nemesis is defeated, what’s next for Marc Spector AKA Moon Knight?



Old Man Hawkeye #4 of 12 – (Writer) Sacks, Ethan (Art) Marco Checchetto

Old man Hawkeye continues his path of revenge despite losing his sight.  Trying to get back at all those that betrayed the Avengers and made the world into the post-apocalyptic nightmare that he lives in.  But Sheriff Bullseye is on Hawkeye’s trail!  Not to mention Multiple Man who recently bonded to the Venom Symbiote is also out to get ol’ Clint Barton too!  How long before they all catch up and a reunion ensues?



Shadow 2

Shadowman #2 – (Writer) Andy Diggle (Art) Stephen Segovia, Tonci Zonjic

After Alyssa attempts to bring Jack (Shadowman) back from the Deadside with the assistance of a shady old man that lures her out in the middle of the bayou, she is ambushed by a demon.  But the portal the demon uses to get to her allows Shadowman to slip through back into the land of the living!  If you like Dr Strange or John Constantine then this book is for you.  And it’s only on issue #2!


XO 14

X-O Manowar #14

After becoming King and defeating his betrayers and a ruthless band of bounty hunters on Gorin and trying to make a better government and society for the people, Aric gives up the throne.  Now it appears despite being exiled by his wife after blaming him for the death of their child, it appears that X-O Manowar is earthbound again.

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