Spider-Man Homecoming: Proof The Sokovia Accords Were a Good Idea

Spider-Man Homecoming was a great movie for the webslinger but I found it ironic how it takes place just after the Sokovia accords were ratified and stars a character who operates with absolutely no oversight despite that same character fighting for the accords just two months earlier. Even more ironic is how badly those accords are needed with Spidey. Here are a few examples of what I mean.

First and foremost is the interaction at the ATM when Spider-Man fights Vulture’s crew for the first time. He makes it all a joke (which I love) but ends up failing to stop the criminals when their high tech weaponry nearly kills a local friend of Peter Parker. This is one of the more minor screw ups for the hero in training but it still counts.



downloadLater in the films, Spidey fails to catch the bad guys when he catches them testing the weapons out in the open. He goes on a merry chase with them which ends in him nearly getting killed and Iron Man having to come to the rescue. His attempts at being a hero end up causing him great pain and showing Tony how not ready he is for the big leagues.


Here are another few screw ups before we get to the big one.

  • Assaults a man who is trying to get into his own car. To be fair, it looked like the man was trying to steal the car and it was meant to be funny but still.
  • Stops a bike thief and can’t locate the owner of the bike.
  • Gets stuck in a truck and stranded in a giant warehouse.


Now for the biggest one that nearly led to hundreds of deaths. Spider-Man attempts to stop Adrian Toomes and his men on a large ship. In the process, he interrupts an FBI sting operation, fails to apprehend Toomes, and causes the massive ship to be torn in two due to his ineptitude.  He then attempts to fix his mistake but requires the help of Iron Man to save the people he put in great danger.


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The entire film is a coming of age story and therefore the fact that he messes up so much is intended to be endearing. For the most part the film succeeds in this but I felt it was a bit too much. Whether you like the failures or not, it’s clear evidence that some oversight is required for these heroes as the hero in training causes an extreme amount of damage even if he ends up stopping a baddie in the end.

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