Venom Trailer #2

We just got a proper venom trailer and it looks great! Admittedly some of the effects could use some work but, considering the film comes out in October, they have time do get that right. For now, we get a good look at Venom and a better idea of what the plot is. We also get further proof that the film Life is a prequel to Venom. I don’t know if Sony will ever fully come out and say that but the fact that the corporation responsible for the symbiotes is Life Industries feels like more than just an Easter egg.

We have to wait until October to truly see what this film is and I am much more excited than ever! The last trailer showed nothing and looked ridiculous. This looks like a gritty comic book movie that would easily frighten a young child. Venom looks outstanding compared to the last version we got in Spider-Man 3. Check out the trailer for yourself below and let us know what you think.

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