Review: All Roads Lead


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has had an interesting season full of many twists and turns. From a start in space until now, the season is in a strange place. Its been an interesting adventure so far but it lacks a clear direction and has a bit too many story lines going on at once. Yo Yo lost her arms and is resurrected in the future, Fitz has some inner demons left over from the frame work, Coulson is dying, the world is ending, they are stuck in a time loop and more. It’s a lot going on with only a four episodes left in the season and none of these stories really wrapping up.

The season has been quite good overall but the lack of focus has made it take a downward swing. I look forward to seeing where it goes now that the insufferable Ruby appears to be dead. Her character started off fine but quickly became absolutely ridiculous and unbearable. I get it, she’s a teenager. It makes some of her angst and immaturity endearing to the character but overall it comes off obnoxious.

The interactions between the team were great this time around even if a bit divided. May and Coulson are in a rough spot and I totally understand why she is upset. Daisy is doing her absolute best to run the team and, while she stumbles along the way, she’s beginning to embrace it and make tough decisions. Ultimately I hope Coulson gains full control again soon but she is doing a good enough job in the meantime. I’d give her a little more credit if she wasn’t so hesitant to do anything at the end of the episode when we see Ruby lacking any control and full of gravitonium. In fact, everyone seemed to be passively standing by because “she’s a kid”. She just murdered a guy and is causing harm to others. At the very least, they should have shot her with their stun guns. Honestly, I was completely on board with Yo Yo’s taking Ruby down. The girl was out of control and needed to be stopped. Prison would have been great but I didn’t see a world where she was going to be talked down. The threat was too high and Yo Yo made a good call.

And with Ruby’s death it seems we will get a real villain for the final episodes. Hale and Ruby have both been extremely weak so my hopes are high for this new guy. The season started off extremely strong but has been lack luster for the last several episodes. This shift may be just what it needs to get back on track and locked in for another season.

Some of the best of the show still comes from relationships suck as Deke and Daisy. She hates him but the guy has it bad for her. Coulson and Mac’s joking with Deke regarding the lemons was hilarious and I cannot wait to see how Daisy reacts to it. Fitz and Simmons are cute as ever and I love to see their chemistry each and every episode. Over time they have become my favorite characters and I’m sure they have much more to offer the show.

The comic book show has given its fans a fun ride over 5 seasons with many ups and downs including the current season. As a whole it has been good despite a few bad episodes and lack of direction. It’s heart comes from the characters and they are as good as ever. The wedding of Fitz and Simmons was a beautiful moment years in the making and they bring such chemistry and excitement to every scene they are in. Over the next few weeks it will be interesting to see where the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. end up and how they end up saving the world from the impending apocalypse only to have another one come in the form of Thanos.

2 out of 5 Couch Cushions and a Throw Pillow!!!(2.5)

2 out of 5 Throw Pillow



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