Review: Null and Annoyed

Hello Crunchers! Welcome to another episode of where in the heck is Gypsy?……. I mean Flash review!

I’m really confused about The thinker lately. Previously he seemed like he had just known everything that was going to happen at all times. Lately it seems like he had no idea what was going to happen when switching bodies. The last few episodes have seemed like he is just going downhill with his mental abilities (do I still say his, with him being in a lady’s body?), which is really disappointing. It seems like he is defeating himself, without Team Flash having to do anything.

In the previous episode we saw that The Thinker was drugging his wife into complacency. Was that really the only option for such a mega-genius? I dunno, but it’s kind of one of the more interesting parts of the show right now, and it gets to a way creepier level in this one.

Gypsy’s dad pops back up this episode, and I didn’t really enjoy his character as much this time around. His brooding was kind of annoying, and the dude is just kind of one of those completely illogical people that cuts everyone off and expects everyone to go along with his completely illogical behavior. However, the end of the episode does bring up an intriguing opportunity for Cisco. Also, I haven’t seen Gypsy in quite some time. It seems that they want to focus on the horrible female character of the show a lot (we all know who that is), and likes to keep the best female character to making appearances more than once every several episodes.

The episode brings in some more Dibney drama, which seems like it is becoming an every episode thing. The last thing the show needs is more drama. I did like this weeks’s bus meta though. She made for a fun villain and was a really redeeming part of the episode.

Overall, even though the episode left you with some doubting questions and had too much Dibney drama, it still had some redeeming qualities that made it a decent watch. Go check it out Crunchers!

3 out of 5 cushions!!!

3 out of 5 small

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