The Creep Compendium for the week of 4/18/18

Hello all!  That glorious day is upon us once again, New Comic Book Day!  The Creep Compendium is a list and brief commentary of brand spanking new Comics that I will be picking up this week.  Now, let’s go get some comics!


 Action 1000

Action Comics #1000 – (Writer) Various (Art) Various 

This is it!  A celebration of all things Supes!  From what I’ve read, this will be a collection of all new stories (or at least previously unpublished) written and drawn by legendary talent.  An absolute must have for Superman fans!


Aqua 35

Aquaman #35 (Writer) Dan Abnett (Art) Ricardo Federici

The struggle between Aquaman, now dethroned as King of Atlantis and running with a bunch of resistance fighters, and the new King Corin Rath!  In the end of the last issue Rath tapped into a wealth of Atlantis magic.  Will this finally be enough to finally crush Arthur and his little band of upstarts?


Bats 45

Batman #45 (Writer) Tom King (Art) Sandu Florea

New story arc “The Gift” begins here!  Bats goes on time traveling shenanigans with Booster Gold!  Sounds fun right? Well maybe not so much for Booster Gold!


Justice 43

Justice League #43 (Writer) Christopher Priest (Art) Pete Woods

While new Justice League leader Cyborg gets beaten to a pulp by Red Lion, sends the Watchtower crashing back down to earth and struggles to make decisions for the team, Deathstroke comes in and cleans up the mess for him!


Supes 45

Superman #45 (Writer) Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason (Art) Patrick Gleason

Clark and John return form their crazy adventure in the Bizarroverse with apparently some new pals in tow.  Let’s hope suave lady’s man Bizarro Damian is one of them!




Amazing 799

Amazing Spiderman #799 – (Writer) Dan Slott (Art) Stuart Immonen

In the last issue, Spidey is defeated pretty quickly by the new Red Goblin!  It’s Green Goblin with the Carnage symbiote attached to him!  But will Peter Parker give up so easily?  I think not!

 Avengers 689

Avengers #689 – (Writer) Al Ewing, Jim Zub, Mark Waid (Art) Pepe Larraz

In the last issue, Challenger defeated Gamesmaster and is outraged to find out he sort of cheated!  Now The Challenge is coming to earth to destroy what his former opponent held in regard.  Plus, I hope we find out what happened to Quicksilver!

 BP 172

Black Panther #172 – (Writer) Ta-Nehisi Coates (Art) Leonard Kirk

Klaw did some serious damage to Wakanda and is bringing in The Adversary to help seal the deal.  But T’Challa hasn’t played all of his cards yet.  And he’s still got one Ace still up his sleeve!

 Cable 156

Cable #156 – (Writer) Zac Thompson, Lonnie Nadler (Art) German Peralta

Cable and Hope battle a new threat that has been combing the time stream to find and kill them!  Who exactly is this techno-organic monstrosity and will Cable and Hope walk away unscathed? And to make things worse, apparently Bishop gets added to the mix somehow!

 Daredevil 601

Daredevil #601 – (Writer) Charles Soule (Art) Mike Henderson

After The Hand turns The Kingpin into a big fat pin cushion full of arrows in the last issue, they leave him incapacitated.  That means a new acting Mayor must be put into action.  And that happens to be none other than Deputy Mayor Matt Murdock!

 Tales os Suspense 104

Tales of Suspense #104 – (Writer) Matthew Rosenberg (Art) Travel Foreman

This was a surprise hit for me, I’m digging this book a lot.  Bucky and Hawkeye continue to unravel the mystery behind Black Widow’s resurrection after the events of Secret Empire.  Is this the Natasha Romanova we all know and love back from the dead?  Yes and no!

 X Men Gold 106

X-Men Gold #26 – (Writer) Marc Guggenheim (Art) Michele Bandini, David Marquez

The X-Men bust out of the clink and defeat the mighty alien god Scythian in Paris.  The new Pyro pretty much kinda sorta officially joins the X- team and that was a wrap for the last Arc. The countdown to the Kitty and Colossus wedding starts now!

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