The One Redeeming Quality of A Wrinkle in Time

In a film so bad I wanted to walk out early on, I found a wrinkle of light. The book to film adaptation is laughably bad and a well deserved Disney flop but it shines bright in one category. The main character, Meg, is riddled with self doubt and values herself as little as many teenagers these days value themselves. Her self loathing and knocks against her self were sad to see but felt extremely real in this larger than life film.

Where the film found positive ground was in the message of loving yourself. Self worth is an issue that many, not just teens, deal with every day. There is an Amy Schumer film coming out soon titled I Feel Pretty that deals with this exact issue. It’s something that needs to be addressed and  A Wrinkle in Time did it well. The main character was often given words of encouragement and shown that she is wonderful just as she is. It’s a message that needs to be said and I was happy to see Disney handle it so well.

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