The Creep Compendium for the week of 4/11/18

Hello all and happy New Comic Book Day, my favorite day of the week!   The Creep Compendium is a new weekly feature on Couch Crunchers where I (J The Comic Creep) will let you all in on the brand new comics I will be picking up and it’s a big load this week. Now, let’s go get some comics!


Flash 44

The Flash #44 – Gorilla Grodd continues to dominate the Flash Family in ways nobody thought even possible! How will they finally put that big ape in his place?  Or at what cost?  (Writer) Joshua Williamson (Art) Carmine Giandomenico

HJ and the GLC 42

Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps #42 – New story arc! Darkstars Rising begins now!  What new adventure awaits?  After the beating Hal, John, Guy and Kyle took at the hands of Zod and his family, they could use a little R & R.  Will they get it?  Probably not!(Writer) Robert Venditti (Art) Jordi Tarragona, Rafael Sandoval

Titans 22

Titans #22 – With the Titans still disbanded, Roy Harper is in trouble and the only friend he still has is Donna Troy. But she’s being held by The Justice League.  Well, not for long! (Writer) Dan Abnett (Art Paul Pelletier, Andrew Hennessy

Wonder Woman 44

Wonder Woman #44 – Darkseid is here to chew bubble gum and kick some ass. And he just ran out of bubble gum! (Writer) James Robinson (Art) Emanuela Lupacchino, Carlo Pagulayan



Turtles 81

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #81 – New story arc alert! “Kingdom of the Rats Part 1” begins now!  Jump on in y’all the water is just fine down in the sewers.  (Writer) Tom Waltz, Kevin Eastman (Art) Brahm Revel, Dave Wachter



Crude 1

Crude #1 – New book about a man searching for his son’s killer through the dark corners of the Russian underground! Let’s check it out shall we? (Writer) Steve Orlando (Art) Garry Brown

Dead Hand #1

Dead Hand #1 – The Cold War, spies, intrigue, conspiracy? I’m in!  And look at that killer cover!  (Writer) Kyle Higgins (Art) Stephen Mooney

Deadly Class 33

Deadly Class #33 – Part Two of “Love Like Blood.” If it’s Rick Remender, no wrong will come to you, I promise.   (Writer) Rick Remender (Art) Wesley Craig

Oblivian Song 2

Oblivian Song #2 – Two words for you: Robert Kirkman. Jump on now before the train leaves you at the station again! (Writer) Robert Kirkman (Art) Lorenzo De Felici

Fideon Falls 2

Gideon Falls #2 – Murder, apparitions, bizarre visions! Something truly wicked resides in the small town of Gideon Falls! I loved issue #1 and I’m back for more!  (Writer) Jeff Lemire (Art) Andrea Sorrentino



Avengers 688

Avengers #688 –  Hulk is down, Vision is down, and the Avengers have been played!  Now that the players have been revealed, will there still be a happy ending?  (Writer) Mark Waid, Al Ewing, Jim Zub (Art) Aaron Kim Jacinto, Stefano Casselli, Mark Brooks

Cap 700

Captain America #700 –  In a not so distant future, Cap leads The Thing, Hulk and a band of freedom fighters to victory against their oppressors.  But now everyone wants Cap to rule over them!  Will Steve Rogers accept?    (Writer) Mark Waid (Art) Chris Samnee

Dr Strange 388

Doctor Strange #388 –  The stakes get even higher when Wong leads the Midnight Sons into Mephisto’s stronghold to try and rescue Dr. Strange.  Could Stephen Strange finally be in over his head on this one?  (Writer) Donny Cates (Art) Niko Henrichon, Michael Del Mundo

Domino 1

Domino #1 –  Neena Thruman AKA Domino stars in this new ongoing series with a stellar creative team!  I’m very excited for this one!  (Writer) Gail Simone (Art) David Baldeon, Greg Land

Logan 38

Old Man Logan #38 –  It’s Logan vs The Kingpin!  With Bullseye taking out everyone connected to a mysterious flash drive, will Logan be the one to bring down Kingpin, the Mayor of New York City?  (Writer) Ed Brisson (Art) Dalibor Talajic, Mike Deodato

Vader 14

Darth Vader #14 –  The people of Mon Cala continue to resist the Emperor.  Suspecting possible Jedi involvement, Palpatine sends Vader, The Inquisitors and Tarkin to put those feisty fish people in line!  (Writer) Charles Soule (Art) Giuseppe Camuncoli



Bloodshot 8

Bloodshot Salvation #8 – Bloodshot regains his sight to find out he’s surrounded by some fierce looking creatures! In a new dimension! With his baby daughter in his arms! With only his trusty Bloodhound at his side, how is this going to turn out!?!  (Writer) Jeff Lemire (Art) Renato Guedes

Ninjak 6

Ninja-K #6 – New story arc starts here! Just after Colin King saves MI-6, now he’s dispatched to Mexico City where I’m sure a whole new bag of snakes awaits.  (Writer) Christos Gage (Art) Juan Jose Ryp, Alan Quah

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