Review: A Quiet Place

Film is such an interesting medium and it offers up hours upon hours of entertainments for people all around the world. In a time full of block busters and spectacle driven entertainment, A Quiet Place separates itself from the pack with its unique style. John Krasinski stars in and directed the film that brings something not often seen in theaters, silence. The film has a soundtrack and there is plenty to be heard in other regards but the silence is strong enough in much of the film that I could hear the crunching of popcorn next to me and was warry of every sound I made.

The use of actual sign language was touching and beautiful considering I have a sister who is deaf. While we never had to learn sign language due to her being able to hear well enough with hearing aids, the language is dear to me. For the hearing impaired, this film will likely strike a different cord than it would with others. The silence is as much a part of the score as the actual music that accompanies it.


A Quiet Place tells the story of a world after new creatures have destroyed most of the population. We don’t get a ton of backstory and it was absolutely not needed. These creatures are blind, have extremely strong armor and can use hearing to hunt their prey. Even a small sound can bring them from far making the moments of accidental sounds extremely suspenseful. Because of the suspense and dramatic change in silence to loud, there were many times I found myself jumping. If you don’t like jump scares, this may be a terrible experience for you but I found it exciting.

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt have a family of five and are fighting to keep them alive at all costs. The usual drama that can occur between families is present here with teenage angst, feeling of insecurity, and more. From The Office until now, John Krasinski has come a long way and may be at the cusp of becoming the more well known between he and his wife before long. With this directorial debut and stellar performance, Krasinski positions himself to be a superstar. It is clear how much he loves his family and that he will stop at nothing to protect them.

Blunt is fabulous as usual. It’s rare to see a film with Emily Blunt where she isn’t fantastic. If you saw the trailers, the bathtub scene is as good as you expect it to be based on her history. Being pregnant in the apocalypse and having to give birth, especially when making a sound would alert death bringing monsters, has to be one of the most terrifying experiences imaginable. Emily Blunt brings this terror to the screen in masterful fashion. Her strength and determination are clear and unquestionable.


When it comes down to it, A Quiet Place is a story about family more than anything.  Father, Lee Abbot seeks to reach others in the world to get and give aid while also hunting and farming their land for sustenance. Mother Evelyn, who is expecting a child, prepares for the upcoming birth by ensuring that there will be a place for the child to make sound without being heard. Further she seeks to care for her children’s emotional and physical needs. The children go through their own journeys with the daughter Regan feeling a sense of guilt for something that happens at the beginning of the film and feeling that her father doesn’t love her as a result. Little does she know that her father spends most of his spare time working to create a cochlear implant that will enable her to hear. The character and actress are both deaf which makes the struggle even more realistic and fun. Her brother, Marcus demonstrates such innocence and love with his acting and it was a delight to watch.


A Quiet Place is a masterful example of how to create a horror film that pulls at the heart strings of its audience. The amount of content that hits home in the film is incredible. The performances demonstrate an appreciation for film as an art and medium to send a message. The message of unity, love and family comes off strong throughout the film. The monsters are fun additions but were secondary to my enjoyment when compared to the relationships and characters. Krasinski and Blunt were great on screen together and I hope they do something like this again in the future. Krasinski has earned our respect as both actor and director in a way that Ben Affleck did with films such as The Town and Argo. Audiences will be pleasantly surprised by the depth this masterpiece puts out and the entertainment that is there to be had. A Quiet Place is one of the most unique experiences I have had at the theater and I implore each of you to go see it in haste.

5 out of 5 Couch Cushions!!!

5 out of 5 small

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