The Effect of Dr. Strange on the MCU

Welcome Crunchers! Things are about to get Strange! We are talking about our beloved mystical Dr., played by Smaug himself. Sorry, just watched The Hobbit after my wife finally read the book. Yay wife! With Infinity War coming, the good Dr. will be joining in with the rest of the MCU heroes, including those that have been off guarding the galaxy. With that being said, what does Dr. Strange bring to the table? The Dr. Strange movie played a pretty large role in the MCU and could have a pretty massive effect on the overall universe. Get out your sling rings Crunchers, and we’ll jump on into it!


One of the big things we are looking for here is MAGIC. Asgard gives us a small taste of magic, but it is often presented as a type of magic that works as an advanced technology. Dr. Strange is a bit different. Astral projections, the mirror dimension, and an endless number of universes are sure to make their mark. The earth has wizards now.

The other obvious factor, is The Eye of Agamotto. The Infinity Stone that manipulates time. An incredibly powerful tool in the hands of a Strange man. Dr. Strange used it to create a time loop in order to defeat Dormammu with his supreme bargaining skills. He also used it to move time forward or backward for the life of an apple. As a side note, did Dr. Strange actually finish eating that apple? His flash forward in time showed that the apple was eaten and then began to rot, but if he never finished it, then it wasn’t actually the future of that apple. I’m not sure how that all works. Anyway, there are many applications that could come from this Infinity stone. Some common thoughts on the subject are making people wither and die in seconds, or making crops grow in an instant. However, I think with some creativity from the almighty MCU makers, we may seem some more interesting ideas.


The mirror dimension is huge. Not only because of the way that it can be manipulated, or used as a tool of espionage, but because there is no way out, other than by using a sling ring. That we know of anyway. Does that mean that even Thanos would not be able to get out without one? If Strange tried to use it to capture Thanos, is Mordo lost enough to help him out?

Infinite dimensions and time manipulation bring in some possible ideas for the future of the franchise. Eventually the MCU will most likely need to be rebooted. Could The Eye of Agamotto be used in a way that would cause an MCU version of Flashpoint? Could we eventually see a different version of the MCU in a different dimension. Could characters from a different dimension, join up with our current MCU heroes? I’m just spit balling here, but I think that you are starting to see the possibilities. On a more factual note, Mordo does say that the Eye can cause branches in time. This might cause us to see different timelines for the MCU.


The possibilities are endless for the MCU at this point it will be interesting to see how all of these things are going to affect Infinity War. I dunno about all of you Crunchers, but I’m a little excited for that movie! Let us know your thoughts and theories about Dr. Strange’s roll in Infinity War, or the MCU in general.

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