New DLC Coming to FF XV in 2019

The ever growing Final Fantasy XV is getting even more content next  year. At a panel at PAX East today, Square Enix confirmed that four additional DLC episodes are coming to the massively popular JRPG in 2019.

The episodes will showcase an “alternate grand finale” for the game, offering “a future everyone longed for.” In other words, we get to see a what could have been for each of the characters. Below is a detailed list of what the DLC will include as known so far:

  • The first full episode will focus on Ardyn and is tentatively titled “The Conflict of the Sage”. It “portrays the struggles of Ardyn. Witness the resentment he harbored toward Lucis for over 2000 years, and his clashes with the Astrals”
  • A smaller episode will focus on Aranea Highwind of the Niflheim Empire and will focus on the Starscourge disease. “The final day of the Empire turns out to be Aranea’s worst day,”
  • A second full episode will let you play as Lunafreya and has the working title The Choice of Freedom. The story is “about Luna’s fate, which not even death can free her from. Her battle to save the one she loves overturns the destiny dealt to the Lucian King.”
  • The final episode is titled The Final Strike and focuses on Noctis “parting way with the Astrals” as he “embarks upon his final battle in order to attain the ideal future for all his people.”

The episodes will all be released in 2019 and will feature a new theme by composer Yoko Shimomura and more details to come later this year.

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