Review: Run Iris, Run

Welcome back Crunchers! I know that it has been a while, but for those of you who don’t know, I am adventuring through New Zealand and things have been a little bit crazy! However, I am back to talk about our favorite Scarlet Speedster, and his not quite as loved wife (according to fans, not Barry :P). Let’s streak into it! …….. like the Flash…… not like, with no clothes…

So, if you pay attention to anything Flash related online, you will have been seeing a picture of Iris going around in a super suit, making the entirety of anyone in their right mind on the internet want to immediately vomit. So maybe, not that many people I guess, but anyway, it’s pretty awful. However, it wasn’t as bad as I was initially thinking.

There were multiple bad guys in this episode, but they weren’t compelling or really the focal point at all. There was a strong focus on how Iris gets and handles the powers. If you have followed my reviews at all, then you would know that this seems like it would be to me, the most horrifying thing that could happen in the show. However, it was insurmountably surprising that Iris didn’t do anything this episode that bothered me. I still loathe her character as a whole, but Iris having powers, wasn’t super bad. The way she gets the powers, was really well done, and played into the overall story arch of the season perfectly.

That being said, there were some really annoying things about the episode, not Iris related. Other people referencing Iris being The Flash even when she doesn’t have her powers. Also, the massive pity party that is Ralph Dibny is getting really old. The guy can’t stop saying woe is me. Time to be a man, and stop crying every two seconds Dibny. Also, every single episode, someone says something that they are crying about and storms out of the room and one other person looks at another person on the team and they one of them says “I’ve got this”. Then there is an oh so heart-warming pep talk that ensues. It’s getting as old as Chuck Norris jokes.

I had such a bad taste in my mouth watching the episode the first time, but I watched it again to do this review, and I realized that I was really biased about the episode because of my Iris hate. Should I have a word for it? Hiris maybe? Anyway, the episode really was decently enjoyable, despite its Dibnyness. Go check it out Crunchers.

3 out of 5 Couch Cushions!!!

3 out of 5 small

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