Arrow Season 6’s Biggest Weakness

If you are up to date on the latest season of Arrow, you have seen the divide between team Arrow causing there to now be two teams. Of the various downfalls of this season, this is the greatest. It certainly adds some fun drama to the equation but ultimately it is just annoying. The biggest culprit here is Dinah. For the last few episodes she has been singularly focused on killing Black Siren as revenge for Siren killing Vincent Sobel. The desire for revenge is understandable as Vince was her great love and the person closest to her heart. Despite this, Dinah is supposed to be a hero and her intense focus on killing Black Siren is annoying and unbelievable.



There are plenty of stories out there where a hero goes off the beaten path, especially in Arrow. Green Arrow himself has flip flopped on his desire to kill many times but he’s been able to keep his emotions in check for the most part. Dinah is so tied up in emotion that she is willing to sacrifice the entire city for her revenge. This is not heroic in any shape or form. Even critics of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Batman’s journey there can see that Batman’s intent was to kill Superman in order to protect humanity. He was not on the morale high ground but at least his intent was pure. Likewise, IronMan in Civil War is misguided in his mindset but his intent is at least to make the world a better place.


Dinah isn’t the only issue with this season as her entire team consisting of Curtis and Rene are absolutely obnoxious. On the episode “Collision Course” team Arrow is pit against the other team due to stubbornness mostly on Dinah’s team. Team Arrow seeks to save the city by letting Black Siren go. The plan isn’t ideal but it would at least save the city. Team Dinah is intent of taking Black Siren down no matter the cost. Her two team mates are at least not on the kill path but their motivations are absolutely unbelievable . When team Dinah attacks team Arrow and Rene gets put in the hospital, they blame Green Arrow. Considering Rene was using a live gun and an ax, it hardly seems fair to blame Green Arrow for fighting back.


The lack of logic displayed on team Dinah is mind boggling especially when you consider that Curtis is on that team. The man is a genius and yet he continues to be an absolute fool about the situation. I don’t mind the rift in the teams as Oliver certainly broke the trust of Dinah, Curtis and Rene but the decisions made by the writing team have been atrocious at best. Last season was the best since seasons 1 and 2 and now Arrow is going backwards again. In some ways, the season is improving such as Diaz being a far better villain than Cayden James. Even still, this divide in the teams has been poorly executed.

Hopefully the season gets better and we see some healing between the teams but, for now, I just want Dinah to leave the show in any way possible. More and more I miss Laurel, the real Laurel and question the decision to kill her off just when she was becoming a great hero. There is plenty of season left so I hope it turns around but currently I look to Gotham for the best DC television right now when it used to be the Arrowverse.

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