Ready Player One: A Tribute to Gaming

The film hasn’t come out but the trailer they just released today has me pumped for Ready Player One. I admit that I was underwhelmed by previous trailers even if I was intrigued by the idea. As a gamer, the concept of the film is riveting and exciting and this latest trailer drove that home. Over the entire trailer, there is a cover for the song “Pure Imagination” as made famous by the classic film Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. This remix of the song had a strong emotional impact on me as a gamer. Gaming is my main outlet to escape the worries of the world and simply relax. This trailer reminded me of what gaming is about, imagination. I enjoy going to all of these different worlds and experiencing them for myself.

Based on trailers Ready Player One is about the idea of creating your own worlds and experiencing them in a more real way. This is the essence of gaming and I am excited to see how the film pays tribute to gaming as well as pop culture in general. We have less than 2 months to wait for the Steven Spielberg project to arrive and I am excited to see what comes out from this. With Tomb Raider and Ready Player One coming out in the same month, March is a big month for gaming in film. I’m ecstatic to see my favorite hobby in the Hollywood spotlight.

For now, we have a new trailer to wet our appetites. Check it out below Crunchers and let us know what you think. Are you excited like I am? Do you think it’s going to be a massive bomb? Etc.

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