Black Panther Review

I was fortunate enough to win 4 Pre-Screen Black Panther tickets from Blaze radio, and I am so very happy that I did. Here’s a spoiler free review of Marvel’s favorite big cat.

The culture in this movie was incredibly colorful and vibrant. It was a beautiful blend of the high technology of Wakanda, and the traditional paints and beads of Africa.

I was originally worried that it was going to be too political — I just don’t go to the theater to watch politics — but it wasn’t. It made its statement rather loudly, but it was vague enough about it for the message to reach everyone.

One, single complaint… Don’t see this in 3D. Just don’t.

Other than that, we have amazing characters, a cute side romance, an awesome villain, funny dialogue, witty social commentary, butt-kickery, and really cool tech. This movie had everything we could want in a Marvel movie.


Since there is literally nothing else that we could ask from this movie, I’m giving it all 5 couch cushions! That’s right, lay out across all five of those luxurious cushions!

5 out of 5 Couch Cushions!!!

5 out of 5 small


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