Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash

Welcome Crunchers, to who doesn’t have powers anyway?! The place where everyone has powers, and the timeline doesn’t matter! Another member of Team Flash has powers, only Iris and Wells are without powers. Of course, we have had set photos released of the Flash’s lesser half in a super suit, so even she’s going to have powers at some point. Awesome ……. But how did these and other factors, affect this week’s episode? Let’s jump into it Crunchers!

The member that has their newly found powers, has a really invasive power. There is no effort to control that invasion and they just think that it’s totally ok for some reason. It makes no sense how they can think that what they are doing is ok, and the team doesn’t even use it for superhero benefits, though the use of the power is pretty funny sometimes.

Iris is her normal annoying self, but she does do one thing useful this episode. Hooray! Finally, a tiny amount of props goes to Iris fans. Relish the moment while you can. The unfortunate part is that she is starting to rub off on Cecille, which is something I really hope doesn’t become a regular thing.

The villain this week basically takes Antman’s powers and makes them a ranged attack, causing Cisco and Dibny to step into an episode of Honey I Shrunk the Kids. The team has to scramble to find a way to make them normal size.

Wells is particularly disappointing this episode. It seems that it was his turn for self-deprecation. There was a fairly bad acting moment, and kind of ridiculous. Wells is usually the smart confident one, and it just didn’t seem like his character. That’s probably the reason that it made for a tough acting moment.

Meanwhile in prison, The Flash is working on helping out his new-found inmate friend. There are some ups and downs, but when all of the events of the episode come together, you see The Thinker’s hand in everything that is happening with Barry even though he is not in the episode.

Overall, this wasn’t the most exciting episode, but not the worst either. There were some good comical moments, and some good build up for the next episode, but some really irritating parts as well.


3 out of 5 couch cushions!

3 out of 5 small

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