The Elongated Knight Rises

Welcome to Dibny hour Crunchers! This week’s episode was a pretty decent one. Iris didn’t even really bug me….. what?! You know things are turning around if I can say that. So, what’s going with Team Flash after all the craziness from last week? Let’s dive into it!

So, Barry is in prison, and things are a little bit complicated for him. As one can imagine, he is having a hard time not being The Flash. Also, being new blood in the prison is definitely getting him some unwanted attention. However, as stated in last episode, he is not willing to give up on his identity, so he mostly just has his skinny self to rely on. However, he still finds a way to help out team flash and meets a pretty boss new friend in prison.

Team Flash has their hands full this week, being down their Team Leader (no not Iris). A lot of the episode is focused on the official introduction to Dibny to the life of a superhero. He starts to take on some real villains and gets his feet wet. However, when some more devious villains show up he really gets tested. Team Flash is unfortunately a little bit clumsy when they are down a scarlet speedster. Dibny has to dig deep and find his real inner hero to be the strong link in the chain that the team needs him to be.

Dibny brings a different element of goofy comedy to the show that I really enjoy. I am glad that we are starting to see more of him. However, I feel like the team still kind of doesn’t like him and they are jerks to him for some reason. Not cool Team Flash. However, being a jerk to Iris is awesome, and the way that Wells speaks to Iris is one of the best parts of the episode.

Seeing how The Flash is dealing with his time in prison is pretty cool. He pulls off some pretty awesome stuff and still leads his team, and the growth of the rest of Team Flash seems essential to being able to getting back to taking on the real villain, The Thinker. Also, I hope that Barry’s new friend starts playing a bigger role, he was pretty awesome. Let us know what you thought in the comments below!

4 out of 5 Couch Cushions!!!

4 out of 5 Throw Pillow

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