Trial of The Flash

Welcome Crunchers! To the trial of Barry Allen. If you remember last episode, it ended with Devoe transferring his consciousness into Dominic Lanse, our friendly neighborhood mind reader. This gave Devoe the powers that Dominic wields, making him an even more formidable opponent. He then framed Barry Allen for his death, discarding his old body into Barry’s apartment, with a stab wound and a knife that Barry had previously touched. Not a good situation. Barry is now on trial, let’s talk about how it went for our favorite Scarlet Speedster.

For the duration of the episode, the trial shows just how well The Thinker had set Barry up. It drives almost everyone close to Barry up a wall. They are going to all lengths including doing some really dumb things to try and prove Barry’s innocence (Iris being the dumbest, SURPRISE!), to the point that Dibny ends up talking some sense into people. This tells you how bad things get, which creates some decent suspense for the show.

Meanwhile, there is a meta running around the city killing a whole bunch of people by accident. It was another meta created by Devoe from Barry’s return. It is kind of a bummer because there has been so many deaths that wouldn’t have happened if Barry hadn’t come back, but blame Devoe I guess. Barry rises to the challenge and saves the day again, stopping the killing occurring from this meta.

It was a somewhat slow moving episode, which seems strange for a show about a speedster. There were some interesting things, like the new relationship between Devoe and his wife because of the body switch. The praise of the Flash and the simultaneous condemnation Barry. It was really well done, but not super action packed. While it wasn’t the most exciting episode, it had some great symbolism and really gives the audience a strong anticipation for episodes to come.

3 out of 5 Couch Cushions and a throw pillow (3.5)!!!

3 out of 5 Throw Pillow

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