Review: Star Wars Battlefront II

The legacy of Star Wars and popularity of the franchise is massive and yet, Star Wars Battlefront II was not well received. Riddled with controversy and bad press, this exceptionally fun game is not receiving the volume of play that it should. That isn’t to say the game is lacking in audience as there is not an issue finding a match anytime I log in.

What is remarkable is how much of an improvement this is on the first installment. The original game was full of game modes but lacking in maps and had no campaign whatsoever. Instead there were some wave based horde type modes that could be played cooperatively. This sequel brings a fun 6 or so hour campaign full of spectacle and story. It is what I expect from a Star Wars story and it delivered an action packed star studded ride in the boots of Iden Versio interspersed with some cameos from classic Star Wars heroes. The story was well told and it made sense. The set pieces and action sequences were fun and the game play loop was diverse, offering space battles, vehicular combat and ground combat in well divided amounts.

The multiplayer is arguably the real draw to the game and it is astoundingly fun. Heroes vs Villains is my preferred mode as it allows you to take on your favorite hero or villain as your avatar and go toe to toe with others online. I love taking control of Kylo Ren and seeing him defeat Rey as he should have in The Force Awakens. Likewise, it is a blast to play as Han and take down Darth Vader (something that would never happen). The main mode however is the Galactic Assault, a 40 player mode where players are tasked with taking down a Walker or its equivalent. Other modes include Starfighter Assault (space battles essentially), Blast, an 8 v 8 team deathmatch mode, and Strike, an 8 v 8 objective based game mode. Each of these modes are enjoyable however I find myself most often playing Blast, Starfighter Assault and Heroes vs Villains due to my preferences as a gamer.

While the game is great as a whole, one of the biggest let downs is the progression system. I still don’t entirely understand how it works. The gameplay is extremely fun, which is what keeps me coming back, but the progression is convoluted and not interesting. This is a big letdown considering how large a role progression plays in multiplayer online shooters these days. Other than this, I loved the game and thoroughly recommend it. Give Star Wars Battlefront II a try and get in there and kill me on PC. I’m absolutely a scrub but it’s still fun. May the Force be with you all.

4 out of 5 Couch Cushions!!!

4 out of 5 small

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