Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, a Retrospective

25 years ago, something amazing happened.  There were two Star Trek television series airing simultaneously.  Trekkers were treated to double the adventures coming from two different perspectives in Starfleet.  Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was the second spin-off and was something completely different as the show was not based on a starship but rather a space station.

Deep Space Nine was a space station at the edge of a wormhole to the Gama Quadrant of the galaxy.  This allowed the writers to have a great deal of fun with new civilizations and introduced us to who became one of the best adversaries in Star Trek, The Dominion.  This group of genetically created soldiers, clones and the shape shifters who commanded them helped to bring the audience a glimpse of what war would be like in the future.

Led by Captain Benajmin Sisko (played by Avery Brooks), the crew of DS9 gave us a more gritty Star Trek while still maintaining original creator Gene Roddenberry’s optimistic vision of the future (ahem, Discovery).  To help bring fans to the show, The Next Generation’s Transporter Chief Miles O’Brien (Colm Meaney) was brought to the station and after three years (and the destruction of the Enterprise-D) Lieutenant Commander Worf (Michael Dorn) solidified the cast and took the show to new heights.

While I don’t think that it has aged as well as Star Trek or Next Generation, Deep Space Nine has the distinction of being the Star Trek series that proved Trek was more than just a ship named Enterprise.  If you are looking for a Trek series, check out DS9, Captain Sisko and his crew gave us 7 seasons of adventures to go on.  I give it 3 cushions.

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