The Star Trek series you didn’t know about

Most people don’t know that the adventures of the original Star Trek were continued and that we were treated to the conclusion of the Enterprise’s five year mission.  A group of fans, led by actor Vic Mignogna have produced a high quality web series titled Star Trek Continues.  A special note to current CBS Executives, if a group of fans with a small budget can re-create the 23rd Century accurately, why can’t you?

Everything about this series is a call back to the original series.  This group of fans have built an accurate reproduction of the sets used while filming (from the original blueprints), they have also been true to the camera angles, sound effects, music and feel of the show.  Vic Mignogna leads the cast as James T. Kirk finishing the five year mission.  Chris Doohan takes his father James’ mantle as Scotty and the show was able to attract Trek royalty as guest stars like Michael Dorn, Marina Sirtis and John de Lancie.  You will also want to look for the 6th Doctor himself, Colin Baker.

The first episode was a shot by shot recreation of the final scenes from “Turnabout Intruder” which was the last of the original show.  From that point, we go with the crew back to the alternate universe first seen in “Mirror, Mirror” among many other adventures.  Sadly, the final episode of Continues just dropped with the Enterprise returning to Earth after the completion of their mission and Kirk being promoted to Admiral, leading up to the events of Star Trek The Motion Picture.  If you are a Trekker who is upset with Discovery, check out a true Star Trek series on either or You Tube.

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