Goodbye Twelve

Editor’s Note: Apologies for the late release as I was out of town and didn’t publish this article. Thanks to our contributor I Am The Doctor for writing this article. – The Gamer Guy

On Christmas Day we will be treated to one last adventure with the Twelfth incarnation of the Doctor.  “Twice Upon a Time” will be Peter Capaldi’s swan song in the role of a lifetime for the actor.  While I have had issues with this past season, I feel as though Capaldi and soon to be former showrunner Steven Moffat are leaving the show in a better position than they found it in.

When Capaldi was first introduced in 2013, I was skeptical of having an older actor step into the Tardis.  I am happy to have been proven so wrong.  Peter Capaldi’s doctor has been a joy to watch as he grew as a character. I felt that he and Jenna Coleman’s “Clara Oswald” were a better match than her character with Matt Smith’s Eleven.  You also can’t say enough about Michelle Gomez’s incarnation of the Master.  She brought an element to the character that is only second to John Simm.

Christmas night will come and go, we will say goodbye to the Doctor who showed us his old grumpy self and his newer fun self.  We went on around 40 adventures during this regeneration cycle and while some were misses (all of Season 10 plus most of Danny Pink from Season 8) there were also some real hits with “Hell Bent” and “Dark Water/Death in Heaven” coming first to mind.

The question is, where do we rank him with the other Doctors.  I know this will be controversial, but I would put him in the top 5 behind Christopher Eccleston (Nine), Matt Smith (Eleven), Tom Baker (Four), Peter Capaldi (Twelve) and David Tennant (Ten – barely edging out Sylvester McCoy’s Seven). It has been an incredible ride and this is one fan who will miss Twelve.

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