Orville: Season 1 Review

The Orville has been an interesting phenomenon in Science Fiction. While it is officially a comedy, it’s a comedy that is also very capable of reflecting on the deeper parts of the human condition. This article is about the show’s running up until the “Mad Idolotry” episode. I have thoroughly enjoyed this show, and was very excited to hear that they are working on a season 2.

Spaceships aside, this show is about relationships, and I can’t praise them enough for it. Each episode is a new and interesting storyline, but they don’t really connect. It’s about the people, and their ever evolving relationships with each other. That being said, I’m going to start with my least favorite relationship developments, and move up to the best. Spoilers ahead!


Alara & Herself

A lot of Alara’s development hasn’t been with crew members as much as with her own self-doubts. Since the beginning, she has wrestled with feelings of inadequacy, mostly from the fact that she’s so young and inexperienced. It was very refreshing and rewarding to watch her grow into herself, and gain the confidence that she needed to become a better leader.


Isaac & Dr. Finn

This was an odd turn, but it appears that Isaac — the nearly emotionless robot — and Claire Finn — the onboard physician — seem to have some chemistry. In one particular episode, Isaac has to save Finn’s children, and bonds with them in the process. Finn is impressed and grateful. I may be imagining it, but I’m getting a kind of Spock and Uhura vibe, here.

If nothing else, it was interesting to see a “highly evolved” robot like Isaac lose his temper at a few children.


Gordon & Sobriety

At the beginning, Gordon was a full blown drunk. As the show goes on, however, Gordon appears to need his drinks less and less. The show gradually develops him into a more balanced individual, and I can really appreciate seeing that kind of change in a person, fictional or otherwise.


Ed & Kelly

I’ve gotta say, although I’m a little sad that they haven’t gotten back together, the writers gave a reason for it that actually makes sense. When Ed and Kelly finally feel like they can get back together, it becomes clear that they would sacrifice anything for each other, even fudge the law itself.

I love that they both see this problem, and they realize that it’s best to take a step back. Like adults! It’s so incredible to see a couple come to a civilized and reasonable conclusion about themselves. Adults on tv! Who knew, right?

Anyway, because the storyline is mostly various interesting interpretations of space fun, I’d say that these relationship updates have caught you up to the story so far on Orville. Who is your favorite Orville relationship? Tell us why in the comments below!

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