Legends: Return of Mack

This episode was quite nice with a twist that I personally expected.  We see Rip in London in 1895, or Victorian London if you prefer, only to discover that a dead body with two pierce marks on his necks. To most this injury would seem like a Vampire bite.

The arrival of the Legends is interesting since Mack is reading Dracula and doesn’t want anyone to spoil it. Additionally Mack states that he has a stake to kill a vampire and he has been waiting to use it for a long time. The Legends run into Rip who needs the team. Because Rip needs the team Lance wonders what happened with the Bureau that  would have Rip seek the Legends for help. The team starts to work out again like in season 1, but then it’s revealed the bureau needed bait to find out where the cult was at for finding Mallus.  In the dinner party the team learns that Stein’s ancestor is holding Nate to help bring back to life the “Vampire”, which we learn is Damian Darhk.  At the same time we learn that Zari is hearing her brother through Madame Eleanor who can talk to the dead. We later learn that she works for Mallus and gets Zari’s Totem because she takes Eleanor at her word and gives it to her out of guilt.

While all this is happening Ray gives a serum to Jackson to help remove the psychic connection to Stein due to the fact that Jackson is losing his memory. Through this whole episode Jackson forgets what is happening and then Stein confronts the two about the psychic connection. In the end Stein works with Jackson to sever the connection so that his memory can be restored.

Meanwhile the Legends get trapped aboard the Waverider by Rip who betrays the team  like Lance suspected he would. The team is angry at Lance for letting Rip use Darhk to get to Mallus instead of killing him like before. The team breaks the lock down by Rip by shooting a missile at the cargo bay. They arrive when the Time Bureau agents are getting killed. While the fight is happening Zari finally embraces the totem as hers and it flies into her hand similar to Green Lantern’s ring or Thor’s hammer. After all the team turns Rip over to the Bureau and Rip states to be careful with everything.

4 out of 5 Couch Cushions!!!

4 out of 5 small



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