Movies Coming to Disney from Fox

Disney will acquire a majority of 21st Century Fox’s assets in the highly-anticipated deal announced today. The mammoth network closed a landmark deal this week for $52.4 billion, granting Disney ownership over Fox’s film and television properties.

Part of those properties are movies and TV series dating back to the 30’s. With the merger, Disney also gains access to a number of ongoing movie franchises as well as some films that have been wrapped up for years.

Below is a list of every noteworthy franchise Disney has acquired with the Fox merger, plus where they might go from here:

1. X-Men


This is probably the biggest deal of all. The X-Men are a huge part of marvel but have been absent this far from the franchise. With the merger, the X-Men are coming home! There has been speculation that the X-Men will come in via the multiverse. I can see this as a possibility however I would hope it’s not like the multiverse in the DC shows. I like that there are multiple Earth’s but I’d hate to see a split universe such as where Supergirl is on a different earth than the other heroes. I’d rather see something happen with the reality stone that changes the fabric of time and causes a massive change in the MCU. This would allow the X-Men and Fantastic Four to exist without the continuity issues. Instead, the reality stone makes it so that “reality” changed and now there are mutants.

As it stands they would be hard pressed explaining how there weren’t Mutants and now there are. Sure you could say they were in hiding but I think that’s a lousy way to explain it. Instead, soft reboot using an Infinity Stone and change only what needs to be changed so that the merger can be seemless.

What this means for Deadpool is anyone’s guess. I hope they keep Ryan Reynolds at least but would they dare to have a PG-13 Deadpool after the so we’ll received R rated version we have now? Perhaps they will leave it be. We don’t know.

2. Fantastic Four


The classic heroes of this ensemble have struggled in recent years and are in need of some tender care and affection. I’m confident Marvel can make these characters work and be extremely successful. I mean, if Chris Evans is getting bored as Captain America just cast him as the human torch and call it good.

3. Star Wars


Lucasfilm is already a part of Disney however the distribution rights have been with Fox. This deal will allow Disney to release Blu-ray/4K versions of the original cuts of the film which I think is likely. Further I expect to see a pack for physical and digital together. As it stands you have to purchase separately.

4. Avatar


James Cameron is hard at work to make this a mega franchise and now he’s got Disney to back him up. They’ve worked with blue creatures before on Marvel and Star Wars so what’s the difference?



5. Kingsman










My favorite spy franchise is now owned by the mouse. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I just hope they don’t change the spirit of it too much. I love it as is.

6. Die Hard










This franchise is mostly dead but who knows? Maybe Disney will elect to bring Willis back for a sequel. As much as I love these films I hope they leave it alone. This franchise has run its course.

7. Fight Club











I expect no sequel for this classic. Instead it’s just good to know who owns it.

8. Alien


This is one that’s been trying to come back. I’ve enjoyed the last two installments and hope Disney keeps it around. There are good stories left to tell with Alien I believe and I hope we see more.

9. Planet of the Apes










I’m not sure what to do with this. The franchise is done so I don’t think Disney needs to do much. Perhaps a comic book series could be enjoyable but not much else in my mind.

10. Independence Day


Is Disney brave enough to reboot this franchise after the dismal sequel? Personally I’m good. Will Smith and co delivered a great film the first time and I say leave it alone.

11. The Maze Runner


This franchise is close to wrapping up as well with the last film set to release next year. I don’t see Disney doing much with this for many years.

12. Percy Jackson









This story is a classic and the second film made a mess of things. This acquisition is a great opportunity to reboot the franchise and do it right. Disney knows how to create amazing content as we have seen for decades and this franchise would be great to see rebooted.

13. Ice Age


I don’t even know how many of these there are now. I know I’m tired of seeing them though. Disney doesn’t need Ice Age to make money so I am fine if they don’t use it or allow another studio to use the rights.

14. Alvin and the Chipmunks










Classic from my childhood here. Disney could do something great with this work of fiction. I think kids would love to see these rock stars take the stage for Disney.

15. The Chronicles of Narnia


This is one of the most exciting. I loved these books and am stoked to see Disney on charge now. The films that were made were fine but then the franchise just stopped due to a poor reception of the Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Let’s get a reboot going and see this one through until the end. My question is how Disney would handle Aslan. Narnia is a highly Christian influenced story and I’d be interested to see what they do with the character who represents Christ in that story.

I really hope Disney takes advantage of this opportunity for Narnia as it could be extremely lucrative and entertaining. Narnia rivals Lord of the Rings in it’s epic nature as a fantasy series.

What do you Crunchers think? Is this merger a good thing or bad? This article barely scratches the surface on what it really means considering the status of Hulu (who Disney now’s owns 60% of) as well as many TV series (The Simpsons, The Orville, The Gifted). I think Disney is a good fit for some of these franchises but I’m less sold when it comes to stuff like Die Hard and Alien. I don’t know how the mouse would handle such gritty films.





  1. The originals are fine but nothing great. They did ok for a time when comic book movies weren’t mainstream still. The reboot though was awful. There were some ok things about it but the movie as a whole as just terrible.

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