Review: The Flash “Don’t Run”

Welcome back Crunchers! The Scarlet Speedster had his hands full on our latest episode, and another week brings another opportunity to talk about how bueno or unbueno it was. It’s crunch time!

The mind games continue, giving Barry some new challenges. The Thinker is confronted by more Team Flash members, who he shows his true nature to. Barry’s current issue seems to be underestimating his enemy. He keeps thinking that he is going to outsmart The Thinker far too easily. While watching it, I find myself thinking “he obviously wanted all of this to happen Barry”. Our Scarlet Speedster needs to start taking this guy more seriously.

Iris is having trouble making the tough decisions as team leader. This is no surprise. The only real surprise is that she’s the team leader at all. There were some classic CW pep talk moments, one in particular focused on making Iris a better leader. It’s time to just pick a different leader and tell Iris to go home. Doesn’t Barry keep saying that’s where he wants her? “All I wanna do, is keep on running home to you”. I feel like she’s not getting the picture :P.

Caitlin’s past is haunting her once again and The Thinker has foreseen it. She has a rough task ahead of her, with our metallic handed villain poking around again. I’m liking that Caitlin is getting some more depth as a character. I just want her alter ego to be as powerful as last season. She seems highly dumbed down as far as her power is concerned. She does however, prove that she doesn’t always need her frosty counterpart to be dangerous, and resourceful.

There is some contention between Cisco and Dibny, and some interesting things happen with Cisco and Gypsy to make the episode a little more interesting. Cisco also continues his journey to figure out what “this house is bitchin” could possibly mean.

Overall I thought it was a good episode. We got the see more of our villain’s power and what it will take to defeat him. Also, expect a huge game changing ending!

4 out 5 Couch Cushions!!!

4 out of 5 small

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