Review: Gotham “Things That Go Boom”

Crystal Reed is the stand out star of Gotham season 4. Her take on Sofia Falcons is charming, beautiful, cunning and brilliant! This episode we get to see how manipulative she is and how good she is at it. Some may complain that it’s not realistic to plan things out so meticulously but I think it makes for a fun character and story.

What is refreshing about Sofia is the actress who portrays her. She isn’t over the top like Barbara and she doesn’t seem to be off her rocker also like Barbara. The female villain leads of the show have been far too campy for my taste but Sofia isn’t at all. She’s calm, calculated and she uses her femininity in a great way. She uses emotion and her beauty to manipulate Jim (though he sees through it sometimes) and a motherly nature to appeal to Penguin. I never find her to be the average run of the mill villain and it’s refreshing. She has a plan and is executing it as best she can.

Sofia has spent the last season planning to take down Penguin and lately I find myself rooting for her. Penguin used to be my favorite character on the show but he is getting more and more whinny and annoying each season and I’m ready to see him lose some screen time. Granted he redeemed himself a bit at the end of the episode. He’s been  losing his fight against Sofia at each and every turn but not now. We finally got to see Penguin as he used to be, confident, powerful and in control. It was refreshing. I still want Sofia to win and take the bird down a notch but at least we have a fight now.

The other storylines of the episode were good as well even if I preferred the Sofia vs Penguin arc most. Jim spends most of his time researching the Pyg and who he used to be. Personally I’ve enjoyed the Pyg and I’m glad his story doesn’t appear to be finished. He’s an intriguing villain who singlehandedly fooled the GCPD and Penguin’s army and was the show’s main villain for weeks. We generally don’t see such long story arcs for lesser known characters like this but it’s been a fun ride so far.

The other arc was with Ed and Lee. Lee is now the leader of the Narrows fight club and the gang associated with it. I’m still having a hard time seeing her in a more villainous role but she hasn’t done anything truly appalling yet so I’m open to it for now. Ed, on the other hand, makes some great progress this episode.  He isn’t sick at all. He just needs to use his brain and believe in himself.

Gotham has done some strange things this season but I am loving it again. I wasn’t fond of the last couple episodes but this one has been fantastic!

4 out of 5 Couch Cushions!!!

4 out of 5 small



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