Infinity War: Who Will Die?

The Infinity War trailer has arrived and we cannot be more excited. There were many great tid bits in the footage and some great fun to be had with making fun of Thanos. Before I say more about the trailer I may as well put a link for you to watch it again. Check it out!

So now that you have watched the trailer for the dozenth time or more you probably agree with me that it was fantastically done. I have been doing a good job not allowing myself to get too hyped (other than for Star Wars) up for films ever since Age of Ultron let me down. I don’t know that I can escape the hype on this one though. This is ten years of marvel movies in the making. Captain America looks awesome with his beard, Iron Spider is ready to get to fighting, Black Widow looks tough as nails and we even see a human version of Vision. This trailer leads us to believe Vision will die, shows us Spider-Man getting pummeled by Thanos, and more. The trailer shows us that it is truly a war that is occurring on earth.

Thanos looks like a Raisin but he’s going to kill some people. Here is our list of who we think are the most likely candidates.

1. Iron Man 5507811-2276957255-Great.jpg

Lance and I discussed this on the latest podcast and the truth is that Tony is due for a good death. I expect it to be heroic and emotional but I wouldn’t be surprised if Tony bites the bullet at the hands of Thanos. Thanos will hold all of the Infinity Stones so there are bound to be some casualties and the original MCU Avenger would be a good one in my mind.

2. War Machine










This is just an easy one. I don’t expect any more IronMan solo films and War Machine doesn’t really contribute all that much to the team. Part of me hopes he dies even if that makes me awful. Perhaps that is what just happened here when we see Tony obviously in distress.


3. Drax











I would be surprised if all of the Guardians of the Galaxy made it out of this alive. Drax has a personal vendetta against Thanos and will want to face him directly. I expect that the mad Titan will dispose of Drax handily or one of his goons will. I love Dave Bautista and would like to see more of him but I think he is the most likely candidate from the Guardians Ensemble.

4. Nebula










Perhaps she will make it out alive but one of the daughters of Thanos is going to die.  Gamora could be an alternative but the “love story” between her and Quill is still be explored so she is safe. Nebula is fool hardy and ready to take reckless action against her father. I expect to see her fall in battle, preferably early on but we will see what happens.

5. Loki










As much as I love this character I think his time has come to truly die. The Thor trilogy is over and he isn’t a formidable enough villain to take on the Avengers, especially without the help of Thanos like he has the first time around. I think Thanos is still pissed that Loki failed him. Loki will likely deliver the tesseract to him hoping to be spared. Whether he dies right then and there or goes out more heroically I am interested to see. Personally I hope the death is slightly heroic. Loki has evolved a lot of the past 10 years. His character is still the god of mischief for sure but he is becoming more and more a good guy.

6. Hawkeye










I may be one of the minority that loves Jeremy Renner and his take on Hawkeye. It’s enjoyable and very comicy in a good way. That said, he’s a goner which is sad considering he has a family. I expect his death to have a good emotional pay off for long time fans and for us to see some extreme sorrow out of Natasha.

Some of these may not die, some may wait until Avengers 4 to die, maybe none of them will die. We don’t really know but I think this list is on the right track. You’ll notice that Vision isn’t on this list. I think he is stripped of his power but that he will remain.

What do you think of our list crunchers? Are we right on, not even close or somwhere in between?





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